Crap Excuses For Stalling Bedtime!

What is it about the words bed time that sends the kids nuts? Just sit down after putting the kids to bed and 3…2…1

MUUUUUUUM!She’s punching me in the butt!

MUUUUUUUM he touched my pillow with his little toe!

I’m sure they know instinctively that it’s meant to be chill out time and they’ll be missing out on something, not that I would ever hide chocolate to eat later when the little gems are asleep of course! Just 1 program to watch in peace that’s all I ask! Dad gets left alone to watch all his crappy storage wars type nonsense but me? Not a cat in hell’s chance!

Here are some more of the crap excuses I’ve heard:

It’s too dark!

Inevitably the BIG light then goes on and then might as well try sleeping with their eyeballs on the sun!

It’s too light!

Hmph well I did try to tell you, 10 mins of deciding the best place on the dimmer switch ensues!

I’m thirsty!

I make you a drink and you take the teeniest sip that wouldn’t satisfy an ant!

I’m hungry!

Should have eaten more than a bite of waffle and 3 peas then!

I’m scared!

How is that even possible?Every bloody light in the house is on!

I need my baba!

You already have 15 on your bed and there’s no room for you!

There’s a bug!

It’s a piece of fluff off the teddy bear you tried to behead!

I’m too hot!

That’ll be because you’re wearing fleece pyjamas – the one’s you demanded- and it’s bloody boiling!

What’s the best excuse you’ve ever heard for stalling bedtime?

Julie x (2)

10 thoughts on “Crap Excuses For Stalling Bedtime!

  1. “there’s sand in my bed!” Yes, because you treat the playground sandpit like a swimming pool and it’s only just now coming out of your joints … and hair despite the bath. I think you’re right, they truly have a sixth sense about when you’re just about to sit down with a cup of tea for 30 measly minutes! Very funny post! #snotallaboutyou

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  2. My 3 year old is always the last one up these days…she’s really clever and tries to say she didn’t give us hugs and kisses before she went to bed. My 4 year old is notorious for the “I’m thirsty” and then she takes a drop of water. There’s also the “I need to go poop” just for an excuse to be up in the bathroom. Yep it’s shenanigans around here all….the….time! #snotallaboutyou

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  3. Oh no! I have a love hate relationship with bedtime. Love my adult time, hate the tantrums about having to go to bed. What is wrong with them, I love sleeping!! Great blog as always. xx

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  4. I LOVE this as we get all them now with a 2 year old!! How? She is scared of shadows, wants to look out of the window, wants a cuddle! It drives me mad! This post really made me laugh, especially the not eating bit!! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you soon!! xx

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  5. Ah this post made my blood pressure rise slightly! Every night I get something from my eldest, yes not my youngest my eldest! It’s deeply annoying after the 3rd time (I have no patience past 7 maybe 8pm 😉 picknmix

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  6. Ha I think the weirdest one H does is when he gets out of bed to come and ask me what day it is today….I point out if he’s made it all the way through the day not knowing, then it probably doesn’t matter 😉
    Thanks for linking up again lovely x
    Stevie xx

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