Shoes,shoes everywhere!

My fella just does not get the gripping addiction that I have…shoes.Whether I’m happy or whether I’m sad I just cannot resist the pull of a fantastic new pair of shoes!I have to buy them regularly or I get withdrawal symptoms.

Whenever I have somewhere to go the shoes are always the first thing I choose then plan my outfit around them.I’d be quite happy in a bin bag as long as my shoes look good!Now that I have a daughter I’m finding my addiction is extending to her and catch myself eyeing up new footwear for her and despite the fact she grows out of them at a rate of knots they’re just too cute to resist!!

I seem to have got it from my Mum as she is just the same!The delivery guy knows about my obsession and always winks and says “more shoes” when he knocks the door.When I don’t get to the door in time I hear the hubby shout “MORE BLOODY SHOES” and giggle to myself!

I absolutely love Hotter and Fly London and every time the Hotter catalogue hits the mat the hubby tries to hide it!!I was drawn to Hotter as now I’m a Mum of 3 comfort whilst running around after the kids is paramount,the heels I used to love have gone out the window – having said that I also have a beautiful pair of red sparkly heels from Hotter that come out for special occasions and even those are sooooo comfy!

For work I tend to wear Fly London wedges as they give height but without that “God I can’t wait to get these off” feeling at the end of the day!

Maybe one day I’ll grow out of it…yeah maybe 😉

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