Spaghetti hair or hairy spaghetti?!

Is it just me who has a daughter that shares everything she eats with her hair??

Every day despite my best efforts to tie it back and make it look pretty she manages to pull out the bobbles/clips and trail it in her dinner!Cue the screaming ab-dabs as I try to brush it out the knotty mess.Daddy has even gone so far as to bring home a hairnet for her to wear!It’s not normal though surely!Never had this problem with my boys!!


Thank goodness for Tangle Teezer brushes otherwise I’d be stuck with a screeching child as I try to scrape out the remnants of last nights tea!Spaghetti ends up like superglue in her locks.We also have to wash it an awful lot more than I’d like to!So do I shave the lot off or hope she grows out of it?!

Do your kids have any daft habits that drive you up the wall?

5 thoughts on “Spaghetti hair or hairy spaghetti?!

  1. Ha I am loving the hairnet! Bless her 🙂 My boys are 9 and 10 and a half and are still ridiculously messy eaters, it drives me mad and means our dining room needs constant hoovering – or it does in a manic panic everytime anyone is coming over 😉
    Stevie x

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