10 things about me!

1.I have a Guiness world record – well one of 323 people who had to make an image of a human ear!

2.I am terrified of spiders,clowns and the film Children of the Corn – watched it far too young and it scared the life out of me!!

3.I have 2 boys and a girl – my daughter is definitely the hardest work!!

4.I come from a family of Liverpool fans and my partner happens to be called Jon Barnes!

5.My favourite Xmas present as a kid was a radio cassette player and Shakin’ Stevens album 🙂

6.I once turned around in a nightclub in Cardiff to find Ryan Giggs stood behind me.

7.I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarium throughout my pregnancies, horrendous!

8.I have an obsession with Gingerbread men and can’t bear to eat the poor little guys!

9.I’m totally unromantic and can’t stand getting flowers for birthdays/mothers day.Bring on the chocolate!!

10.I’m allergic to nuts.

A Cornish Mum

4 thoughts on “10 things about me!

  1. Thanks for linking up lovely! Ha I love your world record! I’m terrified of spiders too and all the stuff in the news last year about biting spiders had me sleeping with the duvet wrapped as tightly round me as possible arghh horrible things.
    Stevie xx

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  2. Doesn’t help when people put pics on facebook of giant spiders they find indoors arghhhhhh lol x


  3. Children of the Corn terrified me too! I can’t eat Lindt chocolate bunnies. It just seems too cruel! The ones I have been given are hiding behind the jars of pickles in the fidge. It is their place of Sanctuary! Mr R and I are Everton supporters…please don’t hold it against us!! xx

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