Hotter Shake Shoes Review

After spending my teens and twenties wearing all sorts of skyscraper heels and pointy numbers I find myself with a bunion (oh the shame) in my thirties.Hey Victoria Beckham wears hers with pride so why can’t I?Ok…maybe not! So,as it causes me pain I went on a quest to find a really comfortable pair of work shoes. Hours of trawling later I came across Hotter shoes.

Having heard of them before but never looking into them as I had made the (incorrect) assumption that they were just for the older generation. However on looking through what they have to offer I was very pleasantly surprised! I decided to plump for the black leather Shake style which cost £72 after reading all the really good reviews about it on the site. Is it also listed under their bestsellers so I decided I couldn’t go wrong. They come in different widths and I chose the standard.

On receiving my shoes I couldn’t wait to try them out so wore them straightaway. I can honestly say they are THE most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.I wear them all day at work and they don’t rub or pinch in the slightest they are even fab to wear on the school run with jeans and come in different colours so you can add to your collection! They are lovely soft leather with a velcro fastening. The insoles are removable should you wish to change them however I didn’t.

So,if you’re looking for a really good comfy pair of work shoes give them a go…you’ll be glad you did!

Hotter Shake

Julie x (2)

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