Ten things I hate about moving!

So joining up with the lovely Stevie again at A Cornish Mum as I have recently moved I thought this time around I would make my top 10 about that!

1.Clearing the attic, why oh why did I end up with so much crap up there?!!Boxes full of cassette tapes and single records I just couldn’t bring myself to throw out!I don’t even have anything to play them with anymore!

2.The packing,the millions of cardboard boxes and the rogue roll of sellotape that you can never find the bloody end of!!

3.The teenager huffing,puffing and sulking his way throughout the whole thing.As if it isn’t stressful enough!

4.The millions of trips back and fore in the car, although we had a member of the family with a van I felt that it was a waste not to fill the car and take that as well.My poor car is stinking and needs some tlc…if only I had the energy!

5.The bruises,I’ve got ’em everywhere!

6.Moving into someone elses idea of decoration,orange living room…yuck and the housing associations idea of a paint pack (which is intended to paint the whole house) pahahahaha.Lucky if you get 1 room done!!

7.Unpacking previously mentioned boxes and trying to find places to put everything.Even though we now have extra room it doesn’t seem like it!Plus we now have no attic so it looks like all my Wham,FiveStar and Now! albums will have to go :-O!

8.Peeling off the wallpaper to find other people’s names written in paint.Don’t know why but it gives me the creeps!!

9.Realising we have a “cat lady” who lives a few doors away with a million moggies and said cats like to use our garden as a public toilet!Any hints  to help us stop it greatfully received!Don’t get me wrong I love cats just not the poo!!

10.Having no phone or internet for over a week.I felt cut off from everything even though it was a relatively short time I hated it!


 Before -vile orange walls!!

IMG_5964After,orange no more!


4 thoughts on “Ten things I hate about moving!

  1. Thanks for linking up again! I hate moving house, although I love redecorating 🙂 As for the cats, I feel your pain there must be at least 20 cats on our road, but they avoid our garden a bit more now that I may have rinsed a few off with the garden hose…. Stevie x #TenThings

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  2. I’ll have to try that 😉 I’m enjoying seeing it take shape just feel all out of sorts at the moment x


  3. Urgh I feel your pain! I moved twice within 18months! I think the worst one is the dealing with someone else’s decor! No, unpacking boxes is the worst!!

    With regards to cats – if you want them to stop pooing in certain areas you can try putting upright plastic forks in the ground?

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