50 Happy Things!

Thankyou to Jess at Mrs Puddleducky for nominating me for 50 happy things!

Here’s mine;

1. My kids (even the grumpy teenager!)

2. My partner (just not when he’s snoring)

3. My Mum and Dad – dragged me up proper!Joking, they did a fab job despite getting divorced when I was 5 but have always been grown up about it.

4. My other family members especially my brother who never fails to make me laugh!

5.Chocolate…lots of it!

6. My job, mainly the customers as they are so lovely!

7. My Iphone I just couldn’t live without it.

8. My bestie Karen, love her to bits.

9. Shoes, big obsession but love having new ones.

10.My car, as a single Mum in the past and previously having struggled home with mountains of shopping while pushing a pram I promised myself I would pass my test.It was hard and I was skint but I was so proud when I passed (second time).

11.The way my new home is coming along, absolute craphole when we moved in but really starting to look fab now!

12.Pizza if I could only eat 1 thing for the rest of my life (apart from chocolate) that would be it.

13.The feeling of finally having a beautiful daughter after all the months of hell with Hyperemesis. When I was told I needed an emergency section that didn’t phase me at all – just the excitement of knowing the baby would be born and I wouldn’t have to be sick anymore.

14.Funny things the kids come out with – Mum I love you more than mash!

15.The pride at watching your child in a play/nativity.

16.My laptop, useful for everything.

17.When the weather warms up,everything seems so much better when the sun’s out.

18.Peter Kay,Lee Evans,Rhod Gilbert,Russell Howard we all need a good giggle.

19.Jason Statham, yes please.

20. Porthcawl, cheesy but had some great holidays there and the kids love it.

21.Reading, can’t beat a good book.

22.Playing Mario with my son.Love the fun we have, I’m rubbish at it but we laugh about it.Also love the Zelda games.

23.Doing my nails,hardly ever get to do it so it’s a treat for me.

24.Thinking of good times with my beloved late Nan.

25. My new work mate, she can’t half talk but she’s such good fun.

26. Getting home from work and putting pyjama bottoms on.

27. Sky+ I get up early just so I can watch things I’ve recorded in peace!

28. My kid’s faces on Christmas morning.

29. Not having to do the school run at half term!

30. Coffee, I couldn’t function without it.

31. Days out with the kids.

32. Reading books to the kids at bedtime.Especially “Father Christmas needs a wee” it’s hilarious and we all know the words.

33. Clean bedding, would have it every day if I could!

34. Gingerbread men, I can’t eat them (I’d feel horrible bless ’em) but love to have things at Christmas etc shaped like them.

35. Banana sandwiches, yum.

36. Starting a new blog and talking to some lovely people.

37. Finishing my ironing (in my dreams)

38. Full cupboards after doing a “big shop”

39. A washing line of whites on a sunny day.

40. Perfume, have loads but my ultimate favourite is J’adore.

41. Having a good hair day (very rare)

42. My partner being so great at DIY and saving us loads of money.

43. Being able to find a parking a parking space outside my house (find this very frustrating after moving from a house that had a drive)

44. A lie-in, so rare that when I do get one it’s amazing!

45. Going to the supermarket really early when it’s dead quiet.

46. Gregg’s custard slices, naughty but nice.

47. HotUK deals app, love a bargain!

48. Watching the newborn lambs in the field that backs onto my Mum’s house.So cute.

49. Fish tanks, I find them so calming.

50. Finding out I now get an early finish from work on a Saturday!

Well that’s me done!I now nominate  Becsterdotcom

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