Day out at Tredegar House Newport

Last Bank Holiday the other half and I decided we would like to take the kids somewhere different for a change and somewhere I hadn’t been in years was Tredegar House in Newport.So we packed up the car with a picnic the kids and half a ton of crap the kids decided they just had to have(!) and set off,mild panic halfway there as I momentarily forgot the route,so the hubby got onto good old Google maps which jogged my memory and we got there in around 20 mins.The carpark was full when we arrived however they had opened an overflow carpark next to it on a field.Parking was £2 for the whole day and unless you’re actually visiting the house itself (which we didn’t on this occasion) then that’s all you pay.To visit the property would be £18 for a family ticket so we thought that could be a whole other day out.

IMG_6365 IMG_6368 IMG_6374 IMG_6379 IMG_6381 IMG_6385

We had a fantastic day out,the kids played hide and seek in the huge trees.A little play on the park – which was very busy and stuffed their faces with icecream at the small kiosk while Daddy and I had a coffee.The swans and cygnets were beautiful to watch.All in all it’s well worth a visit if you’re in the area!

8 thoughts on “Day out at Tredegar House Newport

  1. I mentioned going here the other day, I can’t remember what is there. Is there only one park? Is it a small one or is it quite big? Sorry for all the random questions! I know the other side of the roundabout there’s a nice park, so thought if Tredegar house park wasn’t up to much I could go there! This is the first post I’ve read on Tredegar house!

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    1. Yes there’s only a small playground so if it’s that you’re looking for I’d go to Tredegar park x


      1. Thanks! I know where the playground is now. Gutting! I was hoping the one I was at was a small out of the way one and there was a big wooden one there! ( I’m sure that’s where I used to go as a kid!)

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      2. I used to go there as a kid too!!Think it must have changed since then by the sounds of it.


      3. Did you ever visit cow boy city (?) think that’s what it was called? That was so fun! But I’m sure margam park had different things when I was a kid too!


      4. Not that I remember!We’re going to Margam park next bank holiday at the end of the month they’ve got a super hero fun day!


      5. I love margam park! Was there Easter holidays, they doing work to the play area, and think they are doing work to the little houses. A super hero day sounds fun, but way to bust for me!


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