Triple Trouble!

So,linking up with A Dirty Nappy in a linky to make a friend laugh who’s just had baby number 2!Congrats by the way.Now say goodbye to sleep,hairbrushing and grown up TV programmes!

When I had my first I said i’d never do it again.I lied.16 years later I now have 3. I also have mountain-sized bags under my eyes and know the Cbeebies presenters better than I know myself!My teenager talks in unintelligible grunts and the 2 younger ones want to rip each others heads off at every opportunity.How lovely they said,you have boys and a girl and they’ll never be lonely!Oh they will when they’re spending most of their time on seperate naughty steps for drawing on each other with a bright red sodding Sharpie!!

The supermarket is always fun,try chasing kids who ALWAYS want to go in opposite directions – which one do you chase and which one do you abandon in the cheese aisle?Get to the checkout and find a years worth of sugary crap hidden under the toilet rolls.Nice try kids.And why is it that kids can only ever find 1 shoe?Do the other ones bugger off en masse to a shoe rave and turn up worse for wear when they think you’re not looking?

I’ve spent many a morning envying the Mum’s at the school in a full face of make-up clean/ironed clothes and matching shoes.How the bloody hell do they do it?Do they get up at 3am or what?I’m not a pyjama clad school run Mum but the last thing on my mind is which lippy to wear!

They will always compete as to who can make the worst face on photos and you can guarantee that if one has a nice smile the other is busy digging for something up their left nostril!

As much as the sleep deprivation and constant refereeing does your head in I wouldn’t change it for the world.I absolutely love the bones of my kids and it’s all worth it!happy

Dirty Nappy

9 thoughts on “Triple Trouble!

    1. Frustrating isn’t it!I still haven’t got the “nice family picture” my Dad’s been nagging me for years to get done!


      1. Yes. But also funny and a good memory too. I also want to fork out to have some decent shots done but finding the time and cash is tricky

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  1. Ha ha ha I thought oh, thank goodness it isn’t just me. I have contemplated doing my makeup at night for the school run but apparently mascara running down your face isn’t a good look. Who knew? I am however, really looking forward to the sharpie drawing. Great post 🙂

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    1. Think I’ve resigned myself to being a slummy mummy!Good luck with the Sharpie took me best part of a week to shift it from my daughter’s feet 😀


  2. Great post! A taste of what is to come when mine are a bit older. And love the photo. They may not be smiling but they do look super cute (I know it’s all an act). Mine grimaces at the camera in what she seems to think is a smile!

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  3. All so true. Many a time one child has been abandoned whilst chasing one or two of the others.
    I do think siblings are more for fighting with than playing with. They can fight over anything, and I mean anything.
    Great post.

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    1. I think you’re absolutely right there!Mine fight over the most ridiculous of things :-O


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