Ten things to keep you awake!

If, like me you are suffering with kid related sleep deprivation or the dreaded snoring here are my top ten ways to stay awake.

*Please note,for entertainment purpose only.DO NOT try these at home 😀

1.Open jar of coffee.Insert spoon.Eat.

2.Run outside in your pants ‘n’ vest. If the cold doesn’t wake you up the realisation that the postman just saw you in your undies will!

3.Watch a horror film marathon,without the kids obvs. You won’t sleep for weeks.(Only works if you’re a big girls blouse like me)

4.Get the kids to nag to play with dolls or Mario or Lego or all of the above. No-one can sleep through incessant whinging.

5.Open the windows and listen to the party house down the road (everyone has one of those nearby right?!) screams,laughter and Gangnam Style on karaoke. No kipping here!

6.Matchsticks.Keep those peepers open. Hurts like hell but it’ll keep you from snoozing.

7.Star jumps,that’ll get the heart pumping,or the pain from a twisted ankle…whichever comes first!

8.Put a fan on full blast and aim it at your face. Might dry your eyes out but at least they’re still open.

9.Get a load of parcels delivered. Those delivery guys are adamant you WILL answer the door and when they knock the whole street will know it!

10.Get a Tom Hardy or  ……. (insert your hot movie star here) box set and watch non stop.Who’s gonna drop off now?


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A Cornish Mum

15 thoughts on “Ten things to keep you awake!

  1. Aww still suffering from snore gate?! You need to tape a ping pong ball to his back every night to keep him from rolling over 😉 At least if you fall asleep still after number 10 you get sweet dreams 😉 Thanks for linking up lovely!!

    Stevie xx

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  2. Some good tips. Except the postman one but only because that wouldn’t work around here. Our postman is rubbish. Waits two seconds before sticking that blasted red card through the door. I live in a 3 storey house. You’d think the man would give me enough time to get down to flights of stairs!

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  3. Arrr loved this, so feel for you, yes can totally relate! Hope it gets better, unless like me you, move into girls room for some sleep, or work nights so you can sleep in the day. 😆xx

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    1. Have been known to get into bed with one of the kids – toddler bed mind you,not good for the posture lol!So got an air bed but at 3am on a cold morning i’d rather not get out of bed so he gets the elbow!Working nights,now that’s an idea 😊 x

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  4. Ha brilliant. I’ve visions of a shocked looking postman and a lady with bags under her eyes from lack of sleep standing in the cold in her undies. I hope they are matching. 🙂

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  5. So funny! Just eat the coffee with a spoon! Lol. And yes, we have a party house in our neighborhood too, it’s the worst during American football season. I’m always awake then. In all seriousness, I hope you get some sleep soon. #TenThings

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  6. Haha! Ahem, sorry, I know sleep deprivations isn’t much fun but glad you can still find some humour in it all. And yes…I do have ‘one of those neighbours’ who wants to share their music tastes with me at 1am, bah, hehe.

    Thanks for the chuckle 🙂


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  7. Good list! Yep, horror films will work for me! Up for a month. Don’t even need an actual film since I saw The Woman in Black – just the sight of a rocking chair could now give me sleepless nights!

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    1. I hate clowns and during a “kids have you up half the night” moment in the early hours one night last week an advert for the new Poltergeist movie came on with a creepy clown doll.I nearly died :-O


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