Villa America by Liza Klaussmann Book Review

“When Sara Wiborg and Gerald Murphy decided to get married,they set out to create a beautiful world.

Through the 1920’s ,their taste,influence and lavish spontaneity drew the like of Picasso,Hemingway and Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald to Villa America,their house near Antibes.There they refashioned high summer for their guests and their three children with flamboyant beach parties,the newest ideas and dinners beneath the stars”

Villa America starts and finishes with heartbreaking sadness.It tells the story of both ficticious and real characters in the 1920’s/30’s and I found I started off really liking Gerald as a sweet gent and then found I intensely disliked him as a cheat,as I thought Sara was such a lovely homely person.There appeared to be a sexual undertone with all the characters being quite flirty with one another.I found the chapters which talked about the First World War very interesting and saddening to read and Owen was one of the more interesting characters and was surprised when the story turned to his intimate relationship with Gerald. Liza Klaussman has obviously done some serious research before writing this book and it shows.

I loved the descriptions of the beautiful scenery and dresses and found my mind taking me to sea and sand.

Scott and Zelda are wonderfully bonkers and I never quite knew what they would do next!

I honestly have never read a book of this genre before and I’m normally a romantic comedy kind of girl but I did enjoy this read.It took some time to get in to but once I did I found myself wanting to read more and find out what happened although I think I expected a really all hold hands together happy ending…which wasn’t there.That said if you like this kind of story then it’s a great read!

*I was sent a copy of Villa America by Mumsnet in return for an honest review.All opinions are my own*

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