Greenmeadow Community Farm Visit

In an attempt to wear the kids out during half-term we paid a visit to Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran.I haven’t been there in a long time and was very pleased to find there was plenty to do! It was very busy (always a good sign) and there was a small queue in front of us to get in (no bad thing) where we were served by a smiley lady. We paid £20 for a family ticket which I think is great value for a family of 2 adults and 3 children.We also picked up 2 bags of animal feed for £1.

We turned up just in time to see the pig race which was great fun and drew quite a crowd!IMG_6613

We then fed the goats who are really cute!


The dragon water feature is central to everything and the kids love it!


IMG_6632 (1)

There are several plays areas,one of which is a huge wooden adventure playground.I didn’t play on it…honest!A smaller playground for the younger children and a sandpit with ride-on tractors.IMG_6671

The children also got to sit with some very sweet animals on their laps 🙂

I was very pleased to see there were several hand washing stations dotted around too so we could wash the childrens hands before having a lolly from Cafe Cwtch.

They also offer tractor rides at various times during the day.We didn’t take part on this occasion as the kids were too busy!

We were very lucky to have great weather (for a change) and the kids loved their day at the farm.If you’re ever in the area,pop in!

*You can also donate to the Change for Cheeky fund  after one of the donkeys at the farm was sadly attacked in an act that shocked our community.Happy to say that Cheeky is fine now though*


7 thoughts on “Greenmeadow Community Farm Visit

  1. This place looks great and ha pig races! We’ve seen sheep ones before at Big Sheep in Devon, but I’ve never seen a pig one 🙂 Sounds like you had a well deserved lovely half term x

    Stevie xx

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  2. A great sounding place, it reminds me of here but for day visits. I’ll have to speak to Farmer Nick about pig racing, what a fantastic idea. Lovely to discover your blog too. Popping by from #BeInspired

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  3. Ah it looks lovely there! We have something similar near us called Farmer Palmers and my son loves it, we go at least once a week! #snotallaboutyou

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