Sorry Mum (For my teenage years)

Having had a drunk and obnoxious 16 year old turn up on the weekend at 2am spouting such crap as “I’m 16 now I can look after myself”,  never mind the fact you’ve been pacing the house for hours panicking while they’re “only having a laugh with the boys.” Then you have to spend the next day at work fuelled by caffeine. And these are the days when there are mobiles…when the buggers decide to answer them! Which let me assure you is as rare as rocking horse shit.

Anyway, it got me thinking about how much of a knobhead I must have seemed to my own lovely Mum back in the days when I first started going out, when she’d bite her tongue as I ran out of the house in a satin nightie thinly disguised as a dress and my Nan would be horrified that I’d never wear a coat because I’d “catch my death.” The many times I’d promise I’d got a taxi sorted yet still rang her at 2am begging for her to come and get me. Not so bloody grown up now are you hey? But, of course, she came to pick me up because she cared despite the fact my Step Dad would have his head firmly up his arse and shout holy hell later on (deservedly of course).

All the times she made myself and my brother go for walks down the canal and we moaned like she’d told us to saw off a left leg with a bread knife it was because she wanted us out in the fresh air. And she got us to do the dishes to give us a bit of responsibility (by God we hated washing up after Sunday lunch.) You don’t realise at the time through all the backchat and moaning at them to get off your case (It’s my bedroom and if I want it like a fleapit I bloody well will…hmph) that they only do it ‘cos they love you and are looking out for you.

When I got pregnant at 19 she didn’t judge or go mental just supported me and helped out wherever she could. Whether that was with food or money or an ear to listen to me whine about how crap everything was, she was and is always there.

So Mum for all the moaning. whinging, late nights and mess that was down to me I’m truly sorry! Stop smirking when I tell you how bad having a teenager is though!

Love you Mum xx


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