Lovely Things – 1st June

My first time linking with Laura’s Lovely Blog for Lovely Things.

My son has celebrated his 6th Birthday (don’t know where the time goes!) and we had a small party at home for him.In my wisdom as his favourite colour is green I thought I’d get him some green edible spray for his fairy cakes.BIG mistake:


As you can see they actually look mouldy.Bleurgh!So for attempt number 2 I went back to good old icing.

IMG_6732We also tried out a pinata for the first time – didn’t realise how strong they were!Thought it would be easy to break but all the kids were shattered afterwards!And played stick the eyepatch on the pirate.Dizzy kids everywhere!!


It was a small affair as his main “party” is a trip to Legoland so I felt a bit guilty but he seemed happy.


Happy Birthday Little Man xx

Lovely Things

2 thoughts on “Lovely Things – 1st June

  1. Aww happy birthday little man and thank you so much for linking up to #lovelythings I couldn’t help but have a little giggle at the ‘mouldy’ cupcakes, but the iced ones look fab. I hope you had a fab time at Legoland too?

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