Word of the week – Naughty!

My first time with the Word of the Week Linky with The Reading Residence.My work for this week is NAUGHTY!

So far this week my darling 2 year old daughter has:

  • Growled at the lollipop man for saying good morning
  • Drawn on freshly painted walls with black pen
  • Rubbed foundation in the carpet/wall/mirror
  • Filled the sink with toilet paper and put the tap on
  • Got green goo stuck in her hair which resulted in me having to cut it out
  • Tried to knock her brother out with a wii remote
  • Shouted at a neighbours cat for NOT following her on the school run
  • Had a tantrum at the school which resulted in Daddy carrying her off the premises in a fireman’s lift
  • Completely covered her hands in toothpaste (glad I caught her before any damage was done)IMG_6805

They are just the one’s I can remember!She’s a handful but I love her ❀

The Reading Residence

12 thoughts on “Word of the week – Naughty!

  1. Oh my that is a very good list, if your going be ‘naughty’ you may as well do it in style πŸ˜‰ My son is 3 and gets more and more creative that you think WTF?! #wotw

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  2. Oh Julie lovely I’m trying really hard not to laugh right now….the poor lollypop man! mwah ha ha ha the little miss, sounds like you’ve had a very um busy week. Thank you for making me a teeny bir less broody even if she does still look ridiculously cute even when up to mischief πŸ˜‰

    Stevie xx

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    1. She’s terrible!Got to laugh though.Having an early birthday for her later,goodness knows what she’ll get up to! x

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  3. Hi Julie, it certainly sounds like naughty is the perfect Word Of The Week for you. I don’t envy anyone with little ones, I don’t think I could go back to those days without crying!…Except maybe for the lovehugs and snuggles!

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