3 going on 13!

Who’s tougher a 16 year old or 3 year old? I have both and they are different in some ways but both are very testing.Thankfully my 6 year old is very well behaved and mild mannered (as was my teen until he hit 14) and my girl is something else entirely!

There are times when they both make me want to scream in frustration, the naughty step works (sometimes) for my daughter but my teen would wet himself laughing at that.So when they play up, stay out later than they should, are downright rude or drop the F bomb what the hell do you do?He towers over me and I never feel that shouting gets me anywhere.Seems the only thing that makes him stop and think is taking his phone away.Oh and flaming hell don’t you know it when you do!! The strops would put any 2 year to shame, the door slamming,huffing and puffing makes you want to hide in a cupboard with a Dairy Milk and some ear muffs.

At least you get some conversation out of them though,even if i is to tell you how much they hate you or that you’re going to ruin their lives as they aren’t answering any of their mates inane text messages about “that fit girl who sits on the back of the bus” mind you,I’m just guessing ‘cos it would take a magician to get into my boy’s phone the pin is so closely guarded.I think the thing is set to spontaneously combust if you ever got the pin right. Probably a good thing as reading whatever 16 year old boys text each other would probably make me want to gouge my eyes out with a plastic fork.

Then there’s my 3 year old,lying on the floor kicking her Peppa Pig wellies in the air because you peeled her banana or opened her packet of Wotsits when “me do it” are the words of the week. Intent on digging her brother in the ribs every time you leave the room and then completely denying it.Constantly searching for something to eat and never bloody happy with what you give them.Makes a bomb site of her room and totally refuses to pick the mess up.

Both refuse to go to bed when told and both have to be dragged out the next morning!They whinge about brushing their teeth and have to be nagged.At least I get cuddles from the little monster though,hell would freeze over before my teen would!

So they’re not so different really there’s several similar traits and they’re both making me go grey in my 30’s!I love all 3 exactly the same even with all the quirks and funny ways!How do you deal with your teenagers/little ones bad behaviour?

lew mil

Think this was the last time he smiled in 3 years 😀 Not so happy now she’s in his room messing up his stuff!!

Best of Worst


15 thoughts on “3 going on 13!

  1. Oh my goodness that sounds a bit crazy to be honest but I’m sure hugely rewarding at other times (like with everything in motherhood). Must be hard to switch between teenager and threenager negotiation brain all the time! #bestandworst

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  2. oooh I feel for you! I thought just having an almost 2 year old was hard but a teenager and a 3 year old?? You need a medal. This post did have me smiling though but the worst thing is if someone nicked my phone I’d be stropping around all over too! Thanks so much for a fab post and linking up with #bestandworst. Please stop by next week xx

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  3. Eek! I just have a 3 year old and newborn to contend with, dreading the teenage years, although the terrible 2’s/threenager stage is hard work. Thanks for linking up with the #bestandworst and hope to see you again next week!

    Helen X

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  4. Ha the gouging out your eyes with a plastic fork bit had me cracking up! Fin’s only 11 in 10 days, but I’m seeing teen signs already and hormonal strops….wish me luck!!!

    Stevie xx P.S I was almost broody til you reminded me of the ‘me do it’ days ha!!

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  5. The teenage years scare me a lot. I try to tell myself that we’ve got ages to get ‘better’ at being a parent by then – but if the first two years are anything to go by its going to arrive very quickly!

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  6. It’s funny that there’s similarities between a 16 & 3 yr old. My daughter gets upset over wanting to do things herself too – and I hear the me do it! I feel your pain lol Lovely photo! #snotallaboutyou x

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  7. I find no matter what age my daughter is…it is hard. There are things we struggled with which go away and new difficulties arise which each stage. i’m not sure which stage I prefer and I have no idea how she will be when she is a teenager? I hope to have another child one day once my health is in a much better condition and by that time by daughter will be a lot older and I shall have a huge age gap between my kids too!

    Angela from daysinbed.com

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