Ten things I have liked/loved-June

Joining up with the gorgeous Stevie at A Cornish Mum for her Ten Things linky.This month I’m doing ten things I have liked/ loved.

1. 2 of my children having birthdays making them 6 and 3.We had little tea parties for them and are going to Legoland shortly in place of a big party.

IMG_6758 IMG_6882

2.Father’s Day,a busy but fun day as I had to visit my own Dad and Step-Dad as well as my other half having presents from the children.



3.Having fun with water beads.I came across them while reading another blog and was fascinated so got some via Ebay.They’re very strange but great fun to play with!


4.Being able to play outdoors in the sunshine.The kids love it and so do I as they sleep WAY better 😀

5.Watching Jurassic World,wasn’t sure what it would be like but I loved it!

6.J’adore hair mist – can’t believe I’ve never come across it before but it smells so lovely and lasts all day on your hair as well as the perfume!

7.My Mad Fat Diary coming back on E4,didn’t even know they were doing another series so I’m so chuffed.It’s fab.

8.Big Brother,sad but true!I love to hate it.

9.My daughter enjoying her induction day at Nursery.I was terrified she’d hate it but she took to it really well!

10.My daughter discovering her artistic side…who am I kidding gahhhhhhhhhhh



6 thoughts on “Ten things I have liked/loved-June

  1. Our children are really close in age! My two older children are 6 & very nearly 4. We took Noah to Legoland in place of a party for his 3rd Birthday and we had a brilliant time. He’s having a soft play party this year, his choice (obvs), but I’d pick Legoland any day. I’ve been hearing a lot about hair mists theast few days, feel like I’m missing out! Enjoy Legoland xxx

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  2. Oh the look of pride on her little scribbly face ha too cute! Im also a secret big brother fan (ssh!) It’s so awful and the people so horrific I can’t not watch . . Hate to think what that says about me! Thanks for linking up again lovely
    Stevie xxx #TenThings

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  3. oooo, thanks for the reminder. I watched a few episodes of my mad fat diary, liked it and then forgot about it. Off to rediscover it now!


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