Word of the week – Chalk

Joining up with the fabulous Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for Word of the Week

My kids love playing with chalk but always seem to make a right mess in the house so I tend to get them to play with it in the garden and draw on the patio where the typical Welsh rain gets rid of it eventually :-).

I found a lovely big pack of Crayola “Sidewalk Chalk” in WH Smith for £4.99 and brought it home for the kids to go mad!There’s loads of different colours and they’re pretty sturdy as the cheap one’s I’ve bought in the past tend to break quite easily.IMG_7075

So here we have:







Keeps them amused for hours!It’s great fun 🙂 Shame I’m a rubbish artist though,the kid’s laugh at my efforts 😦

The Reading Residence

9 thoughts on “Word of the week – Chalk

  1. I love chalks outside – you can always rely on a bit of rain to get rid of it too! These looks like fab ones – really nice colours. We also have a big chalkboard in our kitchen which my boys love! #WotW

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