Why Nana’s are the bloomin’ best!!

So why are Nana’s so bloomin’ awesome?!They just are that’s why!

1.They can bake like nobody else and even let you join in!


2.They’ll take you through muddy fields to see the sheep cos they always have “sensible walking shoes”.


3.They’ll join in with your Pinata!If you’ve ever seen the Pinata episode of Clarence you’ll be singing the song!


4.They always know where the best parks are!And don’t mind if you want to go down the slide 4445 times!


5.They’re the best at hide and seek and will “pretend” they can’t see you for hours on end whilst turning over the place so you win every time.


6.They take you to panto’s at Christmas and remortgage their houses to get you the must have fairy wand/sword/piece of crap you’ve just gotta have!


7.They don’t mind if you get wet and or stinking (mostly ‘cos they won’t be the ones sorting it out!)IMG_5458

8.When they babysit they fill you full of sweets and let you stay up REALLY late.


9.They show you pictures of your parents when they were little,generally the ones where you were being really stupid or naked or both!


10.They buy you books by the truckload and always encourage you to read them!


Sadly my own Nanna isn’t with us anymore but she was fab too,she could talk the hindleg off a donkey but we loved her for it and she didn’t half make a mean trifle!!


6 thoughts on “Why Nana’s are the bloomin’ best!!

  1. This is a lovely post. It makes me a little sad knowing that my daughter’s grandmother is overseas and the other one in heaven…but I totally agree with the sentiment and loved to see all these fab pictures! Nana’s are truly great!

    Angela Milnes

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