I’m the Mum who…

Thankyou to the lovely Rachel at Mummy in Training for nominating me to do “I’m the Mum who…” love having a nosy at other peoples so I’m happy to do mine 🙂

I’m the Mum who:

  • Tells my kids I love them a million times a day.
  • Hates softplay centres and will do anything to get out of going to one (bad Mummy,I know)
  • Enjoys Gumball,Adventure Time and Clarence far more than the kids!
  • Always takes dandelions picked by my daughter,say thankyou but throw them behind me when she’s not looking!


  • Is obsessed with shoes,which extends to the kids,I buy them all the time and they all have loads!
  • Panics if my 16 year old stays out late,even though I did it at his age I hate it and can’t get to sleep if he’s not back.
  • Dances around the kitchen to Ace of Base songs whilst the kids watch bemused.
  • Sometimes puts dry uniform in the tumble dryer as I can’t be bothered to iron it!
  • Loves watching the kids play with cardboard boxes


  • Sometimes buys chocolate for the kids then scoffs it whilst watching reruns of The Bill when the hubby is at work in the evening!

So that’s me!I nominate Melody at Domesstique and Sandy at Mommy’s Little Princesses if you fancy it ladies (sorry if you’ve already done it) And anyone else who wants to but hasn’t!

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