Zoflora Review

I haven’t used Zoflora in years,not sure why in all honesty however when I was offered to review it I jumped at the chance especially when I realised they now do lots of different fragrances.I think in the back of my mind I was thinking antiseptic hospital type smell but was pleasantly surprised to be sent Apple Orchard  and Springtime fragrances.Anyone with a family will know just how cleaning needs to be done!IMG_7344The bottles appear fairly small,I suppose that’s only because I’m used to big bottles of bleach/cleaner,because it’s concentrated the bottle will last ages which also makes it great value.I chose to use it to first to clean the kitchen by diluting it in a bucket 4 capfuls to 1.5 litres of water and was very pleased with how clean everything looked as I started cleaning.It also smelt very nice and didn’t have that fake chemical smell some cleaners have.I also cleaned the kitchen floor which came up great too!


Before- Sunday lunch hell!


After – clean!!

Having read the instructions it says you can also dilute 1.5 capfuls in a spray bottle to use around the house which I have done and have been using it ever since to clean the kitchen/bathroom and as an air freshener (it especially works well in the shoe cupboard – teenage trainers!!!)I was overall really happy with Zoflora and will continue to use it as it means you don’t need lots of different types of cleaner as it does so many different jobs all on it’s own!

*I was sent the products for free for the purpose of the review.All opinions honest and my own*

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