Word of the Week – Occupied

Well there’s many words I could use this week to link up with the lovely Jocelyn from The Reading Residence but I don’t think anyone wants to read about tired,narky or stressed so this week I’m doing Occupied, which, as it’s now the summer holidays is what I’ve been trying to keep the kids!

We’ve made more cakes than Greggs could shift in a week!


They had great fun.Not so much fun clearing up though.Sharp exit from them when the dustpan and brush came out I can tell you!

I took them to my Mum’s and we pretended we were Indiana Jones!


We (thankfully) didn’t find any snakes or spiders though!Just chickens 🙂

We took them to the supermarket and of course they just have on play on the rides!


Cost a blooming fortune these things!Maybe I should invest in one in my front garden…

Yesterday I resorted to holding my own exercise class in an attempt to stop them fighting!


Phew,that was hard work!Forgotten how unfit I was!

What have you been up to?

The Reading Residence

8 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Occupied

  1. Love the exercise class! My two would love that, too, must try it! We’ve had lots of playdates this week, a break away next week and then not much else for a month – must get thinking up some ideas! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

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  2. Great #wow hon. It looks like you have done a lot better at keeping your little ones occupied than I have. Keeping kiddies occupied can be rather difficult especially if they have a short attention spand. How did you get on with your exercise class?xx

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    1. They were well up for more but I was shattered lol!It is really hard work finding things to do,if I don’t they just want to kick the crap out of each other lol 😱 x


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