Daft things my kids say!

All kids have cute and funny ways of saying or pronouncing certain words.Some of them are funny and some can be pretty embarrassing – guaranteed to be shouted whilst in the company of someone it shouldn’t. Like the times they shout out about you having a big bum whilst getting changed in the leisure centre ready for swimming.Cheers then.

These are some of my faves that my kids regularly come out with!

Bedbloom–  a bear came,made all this mess in my bedbloom and jumped out the window!He really did though Mum!

Flimming – can repeat the word shit clear as day that time you burned yourself on the oven but swimming?No.

HiPad – the time you actually want them to drop the H they don’t!

Het  – Say “eh” “ok Mum eh” “now say ate my food” “um het my food

Yucky Daddy – not said about something that’s yucky,it’s literally Daddy that’s yucky,generally said when doing/asking for something they shouldn’t like jumping head first off the settee or ramming handfuls of marshmallows in their gobs.

Wifier – No boring old WiFi in this house it’s morphed into Wifier (shame it’s not superfast then hey,since it’s got a posh name)

I’m having a toilet – no idea where this one came from but you’re welcome to it son,Daddy’s probably stunk it out anyway!

Barfers – nope not some American kids vomming everywhere,it’s what they call a bath!

Hungly – “Mummy I’m a little bit  hungly” “well heres a nice banana” “no i’m just hungly for sweeties Yucky Mummy

Farties – Those (not so brightly coloured anymore) sweets of chocolate in a crispy shell.In my day they’d send you loopy.No fun anymore.

Do your kids have any you secretly find cute or hilarious?

Little Hearts, Big Love
Best of Worst

18 thoughts on “Daft things my kids say!

  1. I love kids and the things they say. For ages an elephant was ‘Elli-lot’. When my daughter needs a number 2 it’s a ‘big splash one’. Well, it makes sense! #bestandworst

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  2. Haha brilliant and so agree about being able to say the word shit or similar so clear! My son used to call helicopters telefuckers…..go figure haha, made us laugh especially when he used to shout it out in the street! Thanks for linking up to the #bestandworst 🙂

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  3. Lol I love farties, hungly and bedbloom – adorable. I know what you mean about the ‘big bum’ type comments when changing after “flimming” – when we went last week, Jessica kept shouting out “boobies! Look Mummy’s boobies!” loudly in the changing room! Oh the joys…! Thanks for linking up to #ftmob 🙂

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  4. Ha ha these are great! A couple of our fave words of Monkeys are “serbatry” for conservatory and “nockynurs” for binoculars. He also loves telling me I have a baby in my big tummy. Thanks Monkey!

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