For my Nan

Nan,even now nearly 2 years on, I just cannot accept that you’re gone.It just isn’t fair and it doesn’t seem real.Nobody told me just how bad I would feel.

I’ve been through the anger,sadness and tears.I really don’t think it’ll get easier for years.

Why did you have to go away?There were so many things I didn’t say.How could you be taken away by an evil cancer, when in your prime you loved being a dancer?

I’m sorry I wasn’t around as much as I should.If I could turn back time believe me I would.Life with 3 kids got in the way.But I’ll remember the last smile you gave me everyday.

Every one knew you liked nothing better than to chatter.We’d roll our eyes as kids as you were stopped yet again for a natter.Even when your body was giving in you still made us laugh  – made the whole room grin.

So many knew you from Marks & Sparks, for 25 years you worked there and were up with the larks.

I’ll never forgot that hospital room.The sense of panic and impending doom.You knew you were slipping yet you still soldiered on and all too soon, your last breath.You were gone.

You really did put up a good fight but in the end it was time to say goodnight.


A Cornish Mum

10 thoughts on “For my Nan

  1. I’m so sorry for the loss of your nan, she sounds like such a vibrant & special woman. I felt very guilty about not seeing my grandfather enough when he passed away, it’s really not easy. #PicknMix x

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