Stupid stuff we argue about!

Come on, all families do it don’t they? Here’s the stupid stuff we argue about!

 😡 I always have to put the kids to bed – never mind that it’s because the kids always want me to, of course it’s the hubby’s bloody fault! I know it’s stupid but when you’ve been up and down the stairs 4 gazillion times while he scratches his arse and watches Pawn Stars it winds you up a bit.

 😡 Snoring, dear god the snoring! I’ve talked about this before but this is a biggie. He reckons I snore but it doesn’t actually keep him awake so it doesn’t count right…? I lie there for hours listening to him snorting and snuffling and end up in the kids room where inevitably I end up with a foot/bum/screeching Furby in my face.

 😡 The teenager putting all the clean washing back in his washing basket rather then actually making the effort to put it away in his drawers. What the hell? Cue rant from me about him being a lazy git and him telling me to bog off and “stop judging him” not judging mate but you can pay the electric bill from now on ok? That soon gets the bugger shifting!!

 😡  Putting the washing away – I lovingly (pffff) sort it into separate piles and put them into the relevant drawers. Oh no, not everyone else.If there’s a space, it’s flaming well going in like it or not! There’s a space jeans, pants, 1 random sock it’s all getting rammed in there. Oh and while we’re at it why the hell does half my stuff end up in my teen boys room? Obvs it’s then shoved back in the washing basket in his pit. Grrrr.

 😡 Me buying loads of shoes. I don’t drink or smoke so why shouldn’t I treat myself? I know “half of them have never even seen the bloody light of day” but they’re mine and if I want to keep them as ‘under the bed ornaments’ then I flipping well will thankyou very much!

😡 Shopping – he always wants me to go after work with him and the kids. Now I’m well grumpy and tired when I’ve finished work so the last thing I feel like doing is chasing the kids up and down the aisles telling them to “put that down” and “we don’t need a years supply of ice cream wafers – you don’t even like the sodding things” whilst he peruses the alcohol aisle. Frankly I don’t care if you can save 12p on those cans just get it in the poxy trolley! I would rather him just give me a list and I’ll go on the way home but that would be too easy wouldn’t it!

😡 There’s an unspoken rule in our house that whoever cooks the other does the dishes. When it’s my turn I get on with it (ok, maybe a bit of muttering under the breath) but when it’s his turn he ALWAYS palms it off onto the teen. Thus starting WorldWar3 *stomp,huff,whinge,puff,slam*.

😡 And the silliest of all – I can’t stand butter on bacon or sausage sandwiches (spew) but he says it’s the law and a chip butty with butter on is the vilest thing I could ever be unfortunate enough to eat and he thinks I’m weird for hating them!

What’s the stupidest thing you argue about?


A Cornish Mum

19 thoughts on “Stupid stuff we argue about!

  1. Yes! My tween does that….Puts clean clothes back in the washing basket. Grrr!!
    I totally agree with you about the butter on bacon or sausage sarnies….It’s just wrong!!
    You buy all the shoes you want to! It sounds like you deserve them….hehehe


  2. Oh we don’t have teens yet but I can see some of these rankling with me as the children get older too. The clean washing into the laundry basket would make me go bonkers – as if there isn’t enough washing to do? #picknmix

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  3. All of the above! And also- me buying the kids toys! Apparently since he is the stay at home parent who always has to say no to things he should also get this privilege! Then the poor kiddies would never get anything! Great post- love the under the bed pets- I have several of those too! #twinklytuesday


    1. I always get my #’s mixed up too!I get told off for buying toys too but only because “they’ve got too bloody many” and he falls over them.Shouldn’t have such big clodhopping feet then should he 😝 x

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  4. My hubby doesn’t like marg or butter on his sandwichwes/ buttys! It’s funny the things people argue over. My hubby and daughter crck me up at times and i have to remind them what they are going on about is really silly at times. Visiting from #snotallaboutyou

    Angela xx

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  5. ha, yes on the putting washing away. I put mine away and the kids, but not his becasue then I’ll be accused of putting things in the wrong place. But then he gets mad that they are just left for him to put away. Men! 😉 #snotallaboutyou

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  6. It sounds like you are talking about us! I always have to put the kids to bed, they always want me to because I ALWAYS HAVE TO BLOODY DO IT!!! One night break is all I ask for. I cant remember the last time I got to watch Hollyoaks at 7. Washing ditto! It just piles up in the hall until I do it and I get shouted as because he runs out of pants in his draw. Great post 🙂 Did he read it?

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