Ten Things I have liked/loved August

Yet another month nearly over and I’m joining up with the fabulous Stevie at A Cornish Mum for her great ten things linky. Here are the ten things I have liked/loved for August.

1.Spending more time with the kids.Snuggling up in the morning and watching TV together instead of doing the usual headless chicken lunacy of the school run.Really not looking forward to that nonsense starting all over again.

2.Taking the kids on a day out to Cardiff Bay where we had a game of bowling which I haven’t done in many years.Forgotten how much fun it was though!

IMG_7680 IMG_7665

3.Buying new things for school (not the flipping cost of them mind you) I always loved having new stuff for September and it’s fun to get them all new.Although not so much fun squashing into the one and only shop in town that sells the school jumpers with the logos.I know how a sardine feels now in those tins – just I don’t smell as bad…I hope!

4.Chatting to some really lovely bloggers including A Cornish Mum, Mommys Little Princesses, Mummy In Training, TheLoveofACaptain, Awesome Austerity, RunJumpScrap and TheJoyOfFive bask in the warm glow ladies  for you are truly awesome!

5.Finally deciding to sort out my sweet tooth and lose a bit of weight. I’m still carrying the extra weight after having my daughter 3 years ago.No excuse for it just like eating chocolate by the bucketload far more than I should!

6.My teenager actually being seen in public with me for the first time in forever (bet you’re singing that song from Frozen now) and actually smiling.Good grief I nearly fainted.


7.Finding out I’d been mystery shopped at work (the horror) and actually being scored 100%.Horrible to see yourself on video though,all I could see was my backside wobbling back and fore.

8.Daddy teaching our youngest son to ride a bike without stabilisers, proud parent moment!


9.Going for a child free meal with the other half, despite feeling guilty for going without the kids I enjoyed being able to eat my food without anyone else eyeing it up and asking what it tastes like!Jon managed to polish off a mixed grill and still be hungry afterwards.Never known anyone eat as much as him.

10.Smyths Toys opening a new store near us so we don’t have to travel half a day to get to one.The opening day was absolutely crackers (them bloody sardines again) but seeing my daughters face when Elmo walked towards her was priceless.Xmas shopping will be a lot easier now too.Don’t get me started on that – it’s gonna come round far quicker than I’d like!!

A Cornish Mum

3 thoughts on “Ten Things I have liked/loved August

  1. Wow sounds like you gave a lively August! I have lived the extra time in bed with the kiddies this summer holidays too!! I’ll be sad when it all goes back to normal end of next week! Well done for a date night, they’re a must! X

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  2. Aw thank you for both lovely mentions!!! 😉 I am dreading the early mornings again, not sure I can cope ha! Fin starts secondary as well as has to be in earlier than Harley so even earlier than before *sobs* glad you have had a fab Summer lovely, well deserved!

    Stevie xxx (and thanks for linking up!)


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