Pharma Nord Bio-Chromium and BIOmega-3 Kids Review

Anyone who knows me or has read my blog will know I’m a bit of a naughty sugar fiend!I was contacted by Pharma Nord to review some products and as luck would have it Bio-Chromium was one that they offered to send me to try along with Kids BIOmega-3 fish oil capsules.

I’ve heard of Chromium before but in all honesty wouldn’t have had a clue what it was used for so had to read up on it and as soon as I realised what it was I jumped at the chance to review it as it is to help with blood sugar control.As sugar has had a big focus in the media recently and I have been worried about my intake it seemed daft not to give them a go!


Bio-Chromium Chromo Precise

Bio-Chromium is proven to maintain normal blood sugar levels therefore reducing cravings for sweets, snacks and junk food, It also helps to convert fat, carbs and protein into energy making it an ideal choice for slimmers!

The tablets themselves are easy to take – the instructions state 1-2 tablets per day with food and come in a blister pack.I have only been taking 1 as I haven’t yet felt the need to take 2 and thought if 1 was enough then I could add in the 2nd one later should I wish to.I did notice after a few days that I wasn’t getting that sicky,dizzy feeling I get mid afternoon where I raid the fridge for chocolate or run to the cake shop near work.

I haven’t really been actively trying to lose weight (although believe me – I should) but by taking Chromium and getting back into the school run by walking I have actually lost 6lbs in 3 weeks!I’m actually very surprised at that as I didn’t feel I’d made an awful lot of effort so it got me thinking…what could you actually achieve it you went all out and followed a healthier diet and added in some excercise?

I will definitely be continuing taking the Chromium as I feel a lot better in myself not getting the sugar cravings.Obviously I have eaten things with sugar in but I haven’t had the urge to eat chocolate by the bucketload like I normally would.


BIOmega-3 Kids fish oil capsules

Studies indicate that supplementation with fish oil can help improve children’s learning ability and behaviour

I tried these with my 6 year old as we’ve been enjoying the summer off and the panic sets in that they will have forgotten everything so thought these would be ideal to help him get back into it he also suffers with very mild eczema occasionally so thought these would also help with that.

The capsules do appear to quite large but then I find a lot of the fish oil type ones do so as they were lemon flavour I thought I would first give him the chance to take it himself by chewing it.Unfortunately he didn’t like the taste and whilst his face was a picture (naughty Mummy) I felt it wouldn’t do him any good to force him so changed to breaking the capsules onto his food instead.You can also break the capsule and give with a spoon.

One thing I have noticed is that his skin doesn’t appear to be quite as dry as it was before and his concentration levels do seem good at the moment too.We will keep up the daily intake of these and I think it would be a good idea to get the Adult version for my 17 year old,myself and hubby as I do get some joint pain and the teen is always a bit lethargic!

Other Pharma Nord products can be purchased online at MultiVits. BIOmega-3 kids here and Bio-Chromium here.

*I was sent the items for free for the purpose of this review.All opinions honest and my own*

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    1. I wasn’t really expecting it to do an awful lot because I’vetried all sorts of diet things in the past so I was really surprised it worked xx

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