Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review and Giveaway

We were lucky enough to be asked to review a 5 inch letterbox cake from the fab Baker Days.Who doesn’t love cake?I was excited to have a personalised one so set about choosing a picture of the kids as I knew they’d love it!I settled on one of their fave pics of themselves dressed as Mario and Luigi as they are totally obsessed!All I had to do then was keep it a secret šŸ˜‰

When it arrived I couldn’t believe how small the box actually was to house a cake but on opening it I was really pleased with the actual size of the cake and the extras they pop in the box – balloons,candles,card and a party blower are really sweet!


The picture came out better than expected and they even added the little Mario star!It comes in a dinky tin which you wouldn’t imagine would have a cake in!


The kids couldn’t wait to get into it and were really chuffed when they saw what was on it!They then decided they wanted to “eat their own heads” nice…We didn’t specify what type of cake so it was fun to cut it and find out what we got.Turns out it was chocolate!!Now,either they know I’m a chocolate loon or they just made a very good guess šŸ˜‰


So since the kids got the heads Daddy and I were affectionately left with “their butts” thanks kids!It didn’t taste of butt though thank goodness!It was a lovely moist chocolate sponge which was covered in a nice layer of icing – not the thick stuff you sometimes get that sticks your teeth together for a month.It was sat on a thin layer of chocolate buttercream.It was an absolute hit with the kids as you can see…

IMG_7861 IMG_7863IMG_7873

I was overall delighted with the quality of the cake and wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from Baker Days in the future.I think they’d be great for sending to friends and family who don’t live nearby or even just for the fun of it!I was also really pleased to see there’s lots of different options including gluten and dairy free.They stay fresh for up to 14 days (not that we needed it to) Letterbox cakes are Ā£14.99 and come in loads of different designs and can be personalised.There’s also free delivery if you order 7 days in advance.

They also do Birthday CakesĀ and CupcakesĀ so it’s definitely worth keeping in mind next time you need (or just fancy) a cake.

WeĀ also have a chance for one of my lovely readers to win a personalised cake by entering the easy peasy competion via Rafflecopter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

1. The competition is open to residents of the UK only.
2. There is no cash alternative offered.
3. To enter, please use the rafflecopter widget above.
4. The winner will be drawn at random from all qualifying entries.
5. The giveaway will run until Thursday 20th SeptemberĀ 2015 12:00am.
6. Once the giveaway is over the winner will be contacted for their details which will be given to Baker Days who will arrange delivery of prize.

*I was sent the cake free for the purposes of this review.All opinions are honest and my own.

3 thoughts on “Baker Days Letterbox Cake Review and Giveaway

  1. We reviewed one of these a while back – they are delicious aren’t they? Love that you got a photo of your children printed on it, looks like it came out really well. x

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