Ten things I like about A Cornish Mum!

Well Stevie this IS your link after all so I’m going to make it all about you!So this is the 10 things I like about A Cornish Mum!

1.As a newbie and somewhat pathetic blogger (not much better now mind you) she took me under her wing she didn’t have to,she just did.Cos she’s blooming lovely.

2.She’s totally got my back with sharing my stuff.Without her I’d still be sharing my stuff with well…probably just my Mum actually!I don’t even have to threaten her with spiders or anything!

3.She get’s my sense of humour.I’m sure some people come to my blog and think WTF?Blah,blah bounce rates but not Stevie!

4.She has awesome fun with her kids,well apart from that time she made them sick…but it’s all for a good cause…honest!

5.She does awesome work spreading awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and if you watched the video above you’ll see that Fin and Harley have been doing some amazing things to raise money for a Type 1 Diabetes cure with JDRF.

6.She’s never got tired of me asking daft questions,well not that I know of could have been gnashing her teeth at home for all I know but I’m sure she wasn’t 😉

7.She got me hooked on Carex Strawberry Laces hand gel,I now have the cleanest hands in Wales!

8.She wrote this post for Lentil’s Legacy which made me absolutely sob my heart out but it’s a very important one which helped towards raising money for the Jasmine and Central Delivery Suite where parents of children who pass away during or soon after delivery can grieve and spend time with their precious bundle.On looking at the Just Giving page they have now raised £11,231.30,how fantastic!

9.She’s 5″2 just like me I’m so I don’t feel so bad about being a short-arse and I’m not the only one whose jeans always drag on the floor!

10.She’s turning to Si right now and saying “bloody hell love I’ve got a right weirdo stalker here” 😉

So that’s my ten things done for yet another month!I can’t believe September’s nearly done with already!Here’s to the fun of Halloween!!

A Cornish Mum

10 thoughts on “Ten things I like about A Cornish Mum!

  1. You’ve actually just made me cry! Thank you so much lovely thus is just the sweetest and I promise no teeth gnashing – I only grind my teeth in my sleep for maximum annoyance to poor Si 😉 I don’t even know what else to say apart from thank you again and thank you for your retweets and always getting involved in my Linkies and making me laugh so much Si tuts as he’s trying to watch football! Thanks for being a brilliant bloggy friend! Much love Stevie xxx


  2. As a new blogger I feel how you said you did when you first started. I haven’t got a clue about Linkies and rubbish on Twitter so really appreciate when you comment and RT on my blog. It’s a very weird feeling isn’t it? Putting yourself out there and not knowing anyone actually cares, is reading and if they do if they enjoy it. Thanks for your time xx


  3. Aww, this is such a sweet post! I completely agree with you too, Stevie has been a fantastic bloggin friend to me ever since I started blogging and she never minds silly questions and is always there when you need her! 🙂 xx

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  4. Just read all of the comments above *blushes like crazy* you are all so ridiculously lovely, and I never mind helping any of you at all, I just feel lucky to have such fab bloggy friends! mwah xxx

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