My Mummy Sanity Savers!

Being a parent is hard sometimes, especially when the kids are attempting to poke each others eyes out with Minions. Add that to the distinct lack of decent sleep and you could quite easily find yourself sobbing into your soggy ham sandwich.

Here’s a few of my Mummy Sanity Savers:


I bet the first thing you think is “where the bloody hell is the wine woman?!” but as I’ve posted before I rarely drink anymore as I’m a total lightweight and 1 drink makes me want to have a nana nap. Instead, coffee and I are now total besties. Without it I just couldn’t function.

I’ve heard lots of people moan about the Kinder egg opening vids on Youtube but I honestly love them, if it weren’t for them I’d never get a whole meal cooked or straighten my hair – not that it looks any better afterwards mind you! Get them sat down with the Ipad and a lady opening egg after egg and you won’t hear a peep out of them!

The biggie for me is chocolate, if I’m stressed hiding out with a bar of chocolate is the way to go. There’s been a few times I’ve “nipped to the car for something” and then given the game away by choking on the chocolate buttons I’ve hastily shoved in my gob!

So what would you add?What are the things that get you through?


32 thoughts on “My Mummy Sanity Savers!

      1. Reminds me of the cravings I had on my first pregnancy- chocolate on top of pizza 😱 X


      2. Oooh now I’m curious lol. Haha with both my pregnancies I craved my grandad’s pickles so much so I could literally smell and taste them lol. Unfortunately it was a craving I could never satisfie as my grandad has passed on. Xx

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    1. They are chocolate eggs with a toy surprise inside them,kids go mad for videos of people opening them on Youtube!Crazy but true!


  1. This made me chuckle a lot. Especially the chocolate button episode. When stealth eating backfires haha. Brilliant! :0)


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  2. haha brilliant post 🙂 mine are; chocolate, iphone, social media, knitting and ice cream (in no articular order) #PicknMix

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    1. Yep I think I’m in the wrong job lol!Some of the cartoons that are on these days are hilarious.Think I like them more than the kids x


  3. Great post! I did laugh at wolfing down the choccie buttons! haha might of done it myself too 😉
    What would be my Mommy Sanity Saver?,,,,,lager, wine, pretty much anything goes! (no,only joking) It has to be a nice cup of tea, and my Dad! The kids see Grandad as some sort of massively awesome play toy thing haha, they stick to him like glue, so I can get more things done when he visits xx #PicknMix

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  4. Ha I’m so a secret chocolate eater and I get caught all the time! I also still bribe mine with the promise off a kinder egg and they love they videos crazy people! Thanks for linking up to #PicknMIx gorgeous
    Stevie xx

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