Lovely Things – September

I’m linking up with the fab Laura at Laura’s Lovely Blog for Lovely Things!September disappeared in a flash and we’ve had a few nice things going on:

Harry Potter Studios Visit

The biggie for us this month was our visit to Harry Potter studios.I was totally in awe of it and absolutely loved it.I took my 6 year old as my teen had been already and my 3 year old I felt was too young.

IMG_8070 IMG_8053 IMG_8047

He thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite only having seen the first film,thanks to playing the Lego version of the game though,he knew all the characters!I took hundreds of photos but chose a few of my favourites or you’d be here all day!!Snape and Hagrid are my favourite characters so it seemed apt to put them in :-).I’ve been reading that they are doing “Hogwarts in the snow” with the Great Hall being lined with Christmas trees which I think would be amazing!

Race for Life

Next is my son doing a Race for Life with his school in memory of my Nan who sadly died from breast cancer.I was so proud of him for doing it,getting lots of sponsorship and getting a medal at the end!

IMG_8120 IMG_8134

He was really happy to do it and was very proud of his medal!


My daughter started nursery in September and it was happy and sad time for me.Whilst I know she obviously needs it and really enjoys going I quite enjoy being able to spend time with her alone while the other 2 areat school,even if it does involve playing “babies” for hours on end!


She looks so cute in her uniform and seems far too tiny to be going to nursery already!Don’t be fooled by the innocent little face though – that uniform comes home covered in playdoh and paint every day 😀

So next time we catch up with lovely things there should be some fab Halloween pics to share 🙂

Lovely Things

7 thoughts on “Lovely Things – September

  1. I really want to do the Harry Potter tour. My 5 yo has seen all the movies. She loves them. I love the photos of your little boy with the message and the medal!! What a proud mummy moment! Your little daughter looks so adorable in her uniform. It is so big for her, bless her!! I love this post! 🙂 x

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  2. I would really like to go to the Harry Potter studio, alas my Monkey is too young at the moment hopefully when he’s old enough it will still be a big deal 🙂 Sounds like a great month x #LovelyThings

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