The Wonder Garden Book Review

We have been reading The Wonder Garden from Wide Eyed Editions.Firstly this book is absolutely beautiful to look at.It’s a large hardback book that’s alive with colour and really makes you want to read it.

IMG_8297 IMG_8298

The National Book Awards shortlisted Jenny Broom brings her talent to this title, which explores the world’s stunning natural habitats. Be it an adventure round the Amazon rainforest or a journey through the Great Barrier Reef, The Wonder Garden will amaze you and the kids.

There’s a whole world of information in this book with detailed descriptions of animals,where they live and well as lots of other information about what they eat and even what little tricks some of them use!The illustration in this book is amazing.It really draws you in.My children loved it for different reasons:

My daughter (3) really enjoyed looking at the pictures and trying to guess what each of the animals were.

My son (6) wanted to get more involved and read the descriptions that went with the animals and find out more about them.


As an adult I also found this book to be very interesting too.I might have skipped the page with the tarantula’s though…eek!!

I think this book would also be great to help with my son’s homework as they are covering a lot of animals and nature at the moment so this will be very useful for that.

As a family we loved this book and it’s taken pride of place on the bookshelf!

2 thoughts on “The Wonder Garden Book Review

  1. Aaah I couldn’t believe it when I opened the box and saw the book — it’s SO beautiful isn’t it?! I was absolutely blown away by it! What a lovely book to receive! 🙂 xx

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