The Art of Children’s Conversation Review

We have been trying out The Art of Children’s Conversation which is a card based game designed to get your children talking to you and others about lots of different subjects.


Make friends.Be a friend.Get over being shy.Feel confident and happy.Talk.Listen.Laugh.Learn about your friends,your family and people new to you.Become a great communicator.Enjoy school,work,friends and family more.Share your thoughts,feelings,hopes,talents,dreams and knowledge.Most importantly,find out about you.

We chose to play this (4 of us) at my Mum’s on a Sunday after lunch as we tend to play a board game with the kids to give them a break from always wanting to be on the Ipad or watching TV.There are 100 cards with all different kinds of questions,some fun,some serious but all make you have a think before answering.I think 2 adults and 2 children playing was great – the instructions say it works best with up to 6 and I would agree.


It also encourages listening as when the person answering is speaking everyone else should sit quietly and listen.I found some of the questions to be a useful tool to discuss important issues such as who to call in an emergency.There were also some lovely questions such as “who loves you the most” it was nice to talk about family.

There are several different ways to play the game but as this was the first time we’d played it we just chose a question each from the card and all took turns in answering.There are suggestions included on “manners” and what you can say if something isn’t waiting there turn or talking for too long.

My 6 year old in particular enjoyed this game as he likes to have conversations and think about things,with my 3 year old I did need to reword some of the questions but we still had a little giggle at some of her answers especially to the question “what is a smell you don’t like” let’s just say Daddy was involved!!

As a family we really enjoyed this game and the chance to sit down together and discuss lots of different things such as days out we’ve had and things we are looking forward to there were even a few blank cards included so you could write some questions of your own.

*We were sent the item free for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

All titles in The Art of Conversation range are available now from all good bookshops and online retailers, priced £9.98


Julie x (2)

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