Hello Baby Direct Review

The lovely people at Hello Baby Direct  offered to send me some items to review based on my children’s ages they sent me two lovely things to review:

Pet Rock Pals

Pet Rock Pals is a lovely little craft for the kids as they make their own little “pal” from stone clay – think playdoh but rougher.There are googly eyes,felt shapes and pipecleaners included to create your very own friend.

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The kids had really good fun making these,they were really easy and as it was only a small tube of glue to stick the accessories on they didn’t make a mess,bonus!We then left them to dry overnight before playing with them.

The finished pets:


Flower Fairy Find


This is a game aimed at children 3+ and is a game that entails throwing 3 dice – 1 chooses the colour,1 the fairy type and the last the number of fairies on the card,each player takes a turn throw the dice and everyone looks for the corresponding card as fast as possible.The one who finds 5 cards the quickest wins.

As my daughter is 3 though to start with we all took it in turns and read out the results of the dice throws to give her a fighting chance of finding the cards.Then as she got the hang of it we played it properly.


We really enjoyed trying these out on a wet and miserable afternoon,they were great fun!


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