How having kids changed my Christmas

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Here’s how having kids changed my Christmas!

I honestly can’t imagine having a Christmas without kids now,despite the fact that they always decide they’ve just got to have the toy that you traipse around the shops/trawl the internet til the small hours for and can you find it in stock?Can you buggery.

As a kid I was always up early,like your Mum uses a naughty word early.There was one year my brother and I got up aged 5&6 to “cook” Christmas dinner and by cook I mean take everything out of the freezer and let in defrost on a plastic cooker.Words were had I can tell you.My kids however,believe it or not have to be dragged out of bed every year.I’m sat there all excited and they’re all snoring away!!

I always loved opening my presents to find out what Santa had brought me but now that’s transferred to my kids.The look on their faces when they open the presents they’ve had is brilliant.That little jama jig they do when they see “he’s been” is just awesome.Right?

As a kid I ripped off that paper with glee not giving a stuff where it went but now my kids do it too,drowning in Mount Paper isn’t quite so much fun and that blooming glitter that seems to be on everything hangs about for months.You know how distracting it is when someone talks to you with a bit of glitter on their face?!

I used to work in a nightclub back in my younger,could handle the late nights days and loved having a laugh with all my colleagues at all the drunken people trying to drag someone unsuspecting under the mistletoe.There was always a couple hanging on at the end snogging each others faces off and had to be “ejected” by the burly bouncers.Now I’m just as happy staying at home and spending Christmas Eve wrapping the last few presents and making sure everything looks fab for when the kids (finally) get up.

Meeting Father Christmas!
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4 thoughts on “How having kids changed my Christmas

  1. So true! I can’t really remember Christmas pre children (possibly due to the amount of wine involved?) But I know that I love love love them now! Xx

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