Infruition Kids Water Bottle Review

A lot of us don’t drink anywhere near enough water – I definitely don’t.My children do however they prefer sugar free flavoured water rather than the stuff straight out of the tap.

We were asked by Infruition to try out their kids 450 ml fruit infusing water bottle and as this mixes water with their favourite fruits it made sense to give it a go!

The bottles come in blue or pink and have very cute designs on them which the kids thought were great!There’s also a carry handle on the top if you wanted to take it out on a walk or to the park.

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To make your fruit infused drink you unscrew the Infruition chamber and pop in some fruits of your choice – which is great as you can experiment with lots of different combinations.There’s also a little recipe suggestion book included in the box to give you some inspiration.

As you can see from the pictures my daughter was fascinated by how it worked,she decided she only wanted orange segments in hers.I did try and get her to add something else as she really loves fruit however she was adamant!We pierced holes in each one first as I didn’t think the flavour would come out otherwise?!Obviously the longer the fruit has been in there the more flavour you’ll get.

Once the chamber was full we screwed it back into the bottle and waited for it to infuse.It’s surprising how much flavour comes out of what was only a small satsuma and it just gives the water that little “boost of excitement”.

The fact that it all comes apart makes it easy to wash as I was concerned that if there were berries in there it might make a mess but this would not be the case as the holes are plenty big enough for you to be able to rinse the Infruition chamber through and wash it along with the bottle as you normally would.

Overall I think the bottles are well made and robust and we will continue to use them as it’s great that they are increasing their intake of both water and fruit.


*I was given the products for free for the purpose of this review however all opinions are honest and my own”


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