How I Thought I’d Parent and What Really Happens!

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How I Thought I’d Parent And What Really Happens!

I wasn’t totally naive I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park.It was still a major shock to the system though!

I thought i’d be a bit tired after being woken a few times in the night.I wasn’t expecting to be dribbling on my toast by 8.30 after one or other child decided to throw an all nighter.Inevitably they’d then promptly fall asleep just in time for the school run and have the mother of all screamy,snotty tantrums when you try and wake them up to go.

I thought I would have great fun doing crafty things and making all sorts of nonsense from lollipop sticks but in reality I bloody hate crafting.I hate the mess and I don’t have an artistic bone in my body.Instead of what,in my mind,is an awesome idea made with paint,PVA glue and glitter ends up looking like something vomited on a pavement.Mister Maker I am not.

I never thought I’d have to use the jolly red guy as a bargaining tool with my kids or even download an app that rings on demand when they’re being particularly gittish.Poor old Santa must be sick of the “phonecalls” he has to make.They’ve been on and off the naughty list like sodding yoyo’s!

Little Santa

I thought I’d be patient but nope.I’m actually a bit shouty and swear under my breath when someone calls me for the 3234567th time in an hour to pass them something that’s actually right next to them!

I said I’d never let them sleep in my bed.I lied.All of ’em ended up in with us at some point (not all together mind you) and at 3am when they’re screaming blue murder and you have to be up at 6.30 for work I confess I regularly said “oh for god’s sake just get in here and go to sleep”.



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5 thoughts on “How I Thought I’d Parent and What Really Happens!

  1. Oh, you didn’t lie about what would or wouldn’t allow, you just didn’t have a clue what you were talking about :-), like all of us. Mothering / parenting is one you really don’t know how you’ll be exactly, until you’re walking in its boots. It seems we all expect a kind of walk in the part but the shock to our system that parenting is soon shakes off its ideasl that will probably never be. We keep trying, hey 🙂 #12daysofparenting

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  2. I thought I’d be the best parent. In my head I was the best parent, and then I had children. Love them to pieces but they can be such a headache sometimes. We bed share too I haven’t got the energy to ‘train’ them about where to sleep in the am and eventhough it drives me crazy j know I will miss it. We’ve got to remind ourselves we will miss it one day! Xx

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