Things I have liked/loved December

So Christmas is more or less over 😦 but it has been a lovely month – I love Christmas!I’m linking with the gorgeous Stevie at A Cornish Mum for Ten Things.

1.Getting our favourite book out – not that it has to be read at Christmas but it seems much more fun to think of Father Christmas doing the wee-wee dance when it’s actually Christmas!


2.I actually got to go out,like out with adults…well that term can be used loosely…for my work Xmas do.We went to a Hilton hotel near us for a Festive Disco night.I think I’m getting old though as I enjoyed watching other people making tits of themselves more than being one of them!My daughter helped me get ready and by get ready I mean stick fingers in all my make-up and smear it everywhere.

IMG_9068 (1)

3.Kids Christmas parties.Great fun.There’s always one kid off their face on Fruit Shoot and charging around around like a rhino.Not one of mine this year thank god.They were too busy Gangnam Styling.Father Christmas was busy rolling his eyes at 6 year olds asking for Iphones.


4.Lazy Christmas movie days – an excuse to sit on your arse and eat crap whilst the kids are chilled out.Win,win.


5.Nativity’s for some unknown reason make me sob every time!Can’t share any pics as there are lots of other kids in them but I love going to see my children in them even if I do need to take a box of Kleenex with me!

6.Using the Christmas tree as a background for photos!Makes a change from clearing a load of crap out of the way so you don’t get the ironing basket in all it’s glory!


7.Christmas dinner.Eating til it pours out of your ears.I blooming love it!All the trimmings and tonnes of sprouts!

8.Getting together with family,even the one’s that get on your nerves.It’s only once a year and it’s not Christmas til one of your kids has ruined your Mum’s best tablecloth spilling their orange juice.Or you’ve been caught rolling your eyes at someone’s knobhead boyfriend.

9.Presents,of course.It lovely to give and receive.How lovely is seeing the kids faces Christmas morning?!

10.Chocolate.Lots and lots of lovely chocolate.Doesn’t count if it’s Christmas it’s calorie free see.Oh wait…why won’t my jeans fit?!

A Cornish Mum


7 thoughts on “Things I have liked/loved December

  1. Lovely post 🙂 great to see how your December was. We had ‘Father Christmas comes up trumps’ to read this year which caused great amusement! Will check out ‘Father Christmas needs a wee’ next!x #TenThings

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  2. Sounds like a fabulous December to me! I have eaten more chocolate than would be considered decent in most circles. My jeans will remain hung in the wardrobe until around March. January = Leggings and lettuce! :0) Happy New Year xx

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  3. Oh I love your December and those red trousers – yours not father Christmas! Though I’m impressed by his real beard 😉 glad you had such a fab December …. I want christmas dinner again ha!

    Thanks for linking up to #TenThings I’m late in commenting but the linky reopens in a bit…. I’m late I’m writing it too 😂 Stevie xx

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