Things I’d like to achieve in 2016

Well I’m back on my poor neglected blog,I’ve eaten all the tooth cryingly sweet stuff,except the box of chocolates which keeps singing to me from the cupboard.I’ve told them to shut their face ‘cos I won’t be eating them.I had a bit of a knock  in confidence over Christmas with blogging and felt I had to step away and recharge myself before trying again.

Here are the things I’d like to achieve in 2016!

• Lose 2 stone,I make no secret (pffft) of having a really bad sweet tooth and eating all the wrong things so I’d really like to sort it once and for all.To be honest I’ve never lost the weight after baby number three who’s now 3!No excuses,I’ve just lacked any motivation!Last year I attended a whole company conference which included a posh evening do and seeing other women in their dresses made me feel quite down as I knew I looked like a sack of spuds.No idea how I’m going to achieve the weightloss yet,still looking into it but any suggestions/personal experiences welcome!

IMG_9276 (2)


•Finally do something about the birds nest that adorns my noggin!I just never seem to be able to do anything with it that looks tidy!GHD’s are a godsend but as soon as I leave the house it’s a frizzy mess and no amount of products seem to help other than make it look like I’ve washed it in Crisp n Dry!Maybe I should spend a day on Youtube watching people who know what they’re doing or wear lots of hats!



•Try to be more confident.I find I get anxious is situations where all eyes are on me.My job involves regular training sessions that are role play based and every time we do one I die a bit inside the night before.I’d love to be like some of the others and think “stuff it,who cares?” but I cant.I did read a fab post by Amy of Mr and Mrs T Plus Three about “faking”confidence when you really don’t feel it and trying to think of how someone you think of as confident and how they would approach a situation.I have to say it worked for me at my last training session and I’m trying to continue to use it when the dreaded butterflies appear!



•Make more effort to post more regularly on my blog.I’m a bit haphazard with it (story of my life!) I need to start properly organising my posts and have bought tonnes of stationery to help me.Let’s hope this year I can get myself properly organised and not do everything in a rush because I’ve tried to do too much!



•Try to grow my followers on Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest as I’m totally crap with them.I seem to do well with Twitter but the others are full of nowt but tumbleweed!!



So these are my goals,this is the first time I’ve EVER sat and given myself goals of any description so it will be interesting to see how I get on with them!

What are you hoping to achieve?



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