Ten Things I have liked/loved January

It’s Ten Things time again with the gorgeous Stevie at A Cornish Mum!How fast did that month go?Christmas seems so long ago already.

So here are the things I have liked/loved January:

1.Priscilla Queen of the Desert.We went to see this as part of our work do for Christmas.I absolutely loved it.The totally outrageous costumes,the amazing singing and Jason Donovan in his pants.What more could you ask for?!


2.As part of my goals for 2016 I was hoping to lose some weight.So far I’ve lost 4lb,drop in the ocean I know but it’s a start.Hopefully it’ll come off steadily and the kids will no longer be able to use my bum as a bouncy castle!

3.Staying a night at the Premier Inn.We had a work conference in Telford which is a couple of hours drive from us in Wales so we decided to drive up the night before and stay in a local Premier Inn.It was really nice to stay somewhere where no cooking/cleaning/school running was required!It was only 1 night but I really enjoyedit.I’m so sad I know!


4.Going to see the pantomime Aladdin in The New Theatre Cardiff.It was brilliant fun (as it always is) and I…I mean the kids…really enjoyed it!We still have hours of fun with the flashy toys that cost me an arm and a leg.*Grits teeth*

5.Getting up to frosty mornings – anything is better than the flaming rain (which is back now-sob).We had a few cold and crispy mornings which made really pretty photos.

6.Strawberry Jam porridge by Quaker Oats.I love the stuff!I was one of the weird kids at school who loved rice pudding/semolina with a spoon of jam on top and this totally reminds me of those days.

7.My Mum going on holiday and buying me Touche Eclat in duty free!I love this stuff,makes me look (almost) human!It’s a mini miracle.


8.Stressing out less about my blog.I went through a “what the hell is the point” stage where I was feeling rather disillusioned with it all.But I’m determined to just do it for me and if no-one ever reads it,does it even matter?!

9.Having an X-Ray on my hips and it coming back as normal.I was worried I may have arthritis as there’s a lot of it in my immediate family.Although having said that it’s still quite worrying what it is as it really blooming hurts and it would be nice to find out what causes it.

10.Getting more “me time” hubby and I have decided that we need to have a bit more time to ourselves and we work it so one of us takes the kids out and the other gets to do…well bugger all if we want :-D.We all need a break sometimes.

So let’s see what February brings!

A Cornish Mum



4 thoughts on “Ten Things I have liked/loved January

  1. Well done on the weight loss lovely and sounds like a brilliant month πŸ™‚ I had xrays on my hip as well to try and get to the bottom of my issues but they were clear, hence me trying to lose weight and exercising more πŸ˜‰ definitely not by choice! Hope your Feb is just as great my lovely πŸ™‚ Stevie xx #TenThings

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