Things that drive me round the bend!

I have a work colleague who I have a giggle with and she’s notorius for saying “I hate this” and “I hate that” so it got me thinking about the things that genuinely wind me up.


You dirty, dirty, DIRTY disgusting human being. There’s never an excuse for this. Ever since I was a sweet kid out playing an innocent game of kerby and sat down on the wall, put my hand down and thought “oh what’s that” and it was someone elses spit. I won’t go into detail but it really wasn’t nice. I’m kecking my left lung out just thinking about it. So when you think “oh it’s outdoors it won’t hurt anyone”. It does and it did. It scarred me for life. Vile.

Shower Sabotage

There are 2 people (namely the hubby and teen) in this house who have a shower, jump out and leave that sodding button up so that when I merrily wander in to start the kids bath I get soaked. “It’s not a big deal” they say “bloody is to me” I screech whilst hitting them over the head with my virtual frying pan. Yes, I should check before I start running the water but should I have to?! I should be allowed to lob rubber ducks into the bubbles in peace.



Stupid Shoppers

I hate shopping at the best of times, like stomping around muttering under my breath hate it. So when people are congregated in the middle of aisles having a chat about Bob and Anne’s latest cruise it makes me madder than a rabid squirrel. How flaming hard is it to move to one side with your trolleys? I might still roll my eyes or tut but at least it wouldn’t make me want to bounce spuds off your forehead. Get out the frigging way!!

Cat Calling

I’ve spoken before about the cat problem around here. Don’t get me wrong I do actually like cats and in the right place i.e where you have LOADS of outdoor space you can have as many as you blooming well like but there’s a lady that lives near me, who has bazillions and I’m absolutely not joking. I live in a built up council estate so there’s not much green space and where there is you’ll find mountains of cat shit. Nice. Anyway my moan today is not about the shit, it’s about said cats singing and hissing and doing that thing they do that makes you leap out of bed thinking “crap the baby’s crying” before realising you only have toddler aged children and older. I tell you what at 2am that’s some scary noises and it’s not like it’s just 2 cats. Oh no, the whole bloody gang has to join in.

cat fight
Touch my 3 girlfriends again and I’ll smash your face in, you get me?!


Revving it up

Now everyone knows that revving your engine fixes ANY fault on a car. Flat tyre? Rev for 10 minutes, good as new. Car’s a write off? Give it half hour. Sorted. If it’s a particularly tricky problem leave it til it’s past 11 o’clock at night that’s when the really special revving magic occurs.

What the hell is wrong with people? Now I’m the kind of person who closes the car doors quietly when it gets late at night but obviously not everyone is like me and don’t seem to give a stuff if they’re bothering people. Just got the kids back to sleep? Tough I’ll do it anyway. Knobheads.

I’m such a moany old cow 😀 what drives you round the bend?


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13 thoughts on “Things that drive me round the bend!

  1. Spitting!! Uugghh! Revolting beasts. I agree! I also think that a spot of head/spud bouncing would on occasion be perfectly acceptable behaviour :0)

    Dawn x

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  2. I agree with all of these, but spitting the most. Both me and my mum despise it.
    To quote the TV show Dinnerladies, “Why do people have to spit? That ruined Titanic for me, the spitting! The iceberg couldn’t come fast enough after I saw that!”
    Laura xx

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  3. Ha we used to have a mixer shower and urgh the amount of times I got a soaked head whilst trying to run a bath! Also there seems to be at least 500 cats on our road who love rowing and yowling at each other outside my window …. well they did til I starting taking a bottle of water to bed with me …

    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix lovely
    Stevie xx

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  4. The shower button is funny! I get soaked everytime I run a bath too. My hate is the local eejits with large and noisy exhausts. Everytime they drove past our house it is so loud! Grrrrr! #KCACOLS

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  5. I hear you! I hate all these things except the shower one I don’t have that issue. Living on a main road also I hate the fact that apparently the best time to blast your music from your car is around 2/3 am and my neighbours who don’t know how to close a door they all have to be slammed when letting the dogs out (they all have dogs) at midnight! That is frightening when you have just dozed off! I think I may be a moany old cow too haha! #KCACOLS

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  6. haha you are really funny lovely!! I absolutely hate the spitting situation!! Why would you do something like that in the first place? Get your kleenex and do it there if you must but not in the street in front of people. I find this disgusting. I’m with you with the silly shoppers. I can’t stand them either. Why do they have to have their whole conversation about their lives in the middle of the aisles! grrr I’m a cat lover but I do understand what you mean. We have a cat but ours is an indoor cat and won’t go anywhere and get crazy in the night. But there is like millions of cats around my house too and we also hear these extremely loud noises in the middle of the night. It is horrible!! It is just so strange how cats do their things, lol Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

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