Are C-Sections The Easy Option?

Are C-Sections the easy option?

Recently I’ve heard someone referring to C-sections as taking the easy option, a cop out and have at least 1 friend who was made to feel as though she hadn’t done it ‘properly’ just because she didn’t give birth ‘the proper way’ the proper way? What exactly does that mean?

Ok, so we all have dreams of it being just a little bit painful but manageable and being able to wipe our face, drag a brush through our hair and look semi alive for a picture afterwards with the beautiful newborn. Pahahahaha….

Well, I’ve had 3 babies and I can tell you it didn’t happen like that for any of them. Not in the slightest. First one didn’t want to come out. Took me what felt like 3 and a half million years to push him out. The photo that was taken that day will never again see the light of day as you can just imagine how red I was. Like a bloody tomato. That’s on fire. But in fairness it wasn’t that bad.

Second baby didn’t want to come out either. I thought “Oh, here we bloody go again” and told the midwife I couldn’t do it. “Course you can” she says. Nope. Told you I couldn’t, they tried a ventouse. Stubborn bugger still wouldn’t shift so had to have forceps. A huge comedy gulp comes from the direction of my other half. I can only really remember them putting my legs in a position that not even the most flexible pornstar should be able to get into. The stitches. NOTHING prepares you for them bastards. Couldn’t walk properly for ages. I remember my hubby doing the first nappy and meconium was coming out of my son’s bum in a big creepy black bubble. I tried so hard not to laugh as I was terrified those stitches would pop and I’d rip in half or something.

So since I’ve done it the so say ‘natural’ way I think I can tell you honestly that C-Sections really and truly are NOT the easy option by any stretch of the imagination. Surprise, surprise my third didn’t want to come out either. I was being sick (Hyperemesis doesn’t stop even in labour for some people) and telling the midwives this has happened twice before the baby isn’t going to come out. Eyes roll all over the room. I’d had an epidural that only numbed half of me and they wanted me to sit up to put the spinal block in for an emergency section. If ever I’d wanted to tell someone to f**k off in an inappropriate manner it was that exact moment. Christ it hurt to sit up as apparently I was sitting on the baby’s head as she was so far down. It wasn’t so much giving birth to a melon as trying to have one rammed back into your lady bits. They eventually get the block in and sweet mercy the pain went away!

Something random I remember whilst having my section was the surgeon sneezing whilst doing his thing – thank God for the plastic visor – and trying not to laugh hysterically when catching Jon’s eye. Also, being sick while they tried to stop me haemorrhaging (something that happened on all 3 births) scary shit. And hoping one of my internal organs wouldn’t shoot across the room each time I wretched.

Because I haemorrhaged badly I spent the first day in HDU where I literally had to fight the midwife to let me breastfeed – she told me I wouldn’t be able to. That put my back up, aren’t they supposed to encourage it? Then continued to go on at me to give the baby a bottle. I stuck to my guns and even though it hurt like hell to even move a tiny bit I’m glad I did.

DSCF0029 (1)

Not my most glamorous moment! This is the face of a person who has just been told they have to get up and walk around after a c-section and them removing the drain (gawd that hurts too). The terror is worse than actually doing it and I walked like a poor old guy with a bad back for a while, til they shouted at me to stand up straight. With some choice swear words muttered through gritted teeth I got on with it so I could get home.

When I got home one of my ignorant neighbours had parked across my drive so I had to walk – in my bloody dressing gown- what felt like 12 miles to my house. Visitors descend and do their bit which you’d be lost without but then you’re on your own. Desperate to get on with things, play with your other kids but you can’t. There’s not much you can do for the first few weeks because when you overdo it you certainly know about it. It hurts to laugh, sneeze, cough, breathe and even think. Alright, so I’m exaggerating a bit but you get the picture.

I then had the joy of being told by a ‘friend’ that I was milking it and using it as an excuse to sit on my arse breastfeeding all day. Big fat V sign to you love. We haven’t spoken since, you just can’t win with some people. No one needs negativity like that. I have also been told though that a planned section is a totally different experience altogether but I still can’t imagine it being the easy option whichever way you look at it.

Have you ever had unwanted comments about c-sections or birth in general?



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23 thoughts on “Are C-Sections The Easy Option?

  1. I had an emergency c-section both times and no it’s not an easy option. It’s still a horrendous experience! Not sure if I’ve had nasty comments but whenever hubby and I have a tiff about the girls and I give him the “it was me who had to get them out of my body”. I get the “no you bloody didn’t!”. My Dad made the comment that they came out via the sunroof which I found to be funny!

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  2. I had both my girls by c-section and people have said I had it easy…I tell them to eff off. lol
    I had a the spinal go wrong with my youngest and since then I suffer with really bad back pain. It is by no way the easy option!

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  3. I have both my kids on c-section as well and it’s not easy at all especially the recovery period. My kids were both big babies so they just don’t come out normally, so C-section is the best option but definitely not the easiest one. Lovely post! #KCACOLS.

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  4. I had an emergency c-section with my first after being in labour for 3 days and him really just not wanting to come, so I don’t have anything to compare it to – but to be honest I don’t think anything about any birth can be described as the easy option! I was lucky to have a great recovery, much better than my SIL who had a vaginal birth, but then my sister had an awful recovery and hers was a planned section. So no, having a c-section, planned or emergency, isn’t the easy option, but having a vaginal birth isn’t an easier option either! One thing I hate about c-sections is being told I didn’t have a “natural” birth – as if having a c-section is “unnatural”. I get told off for constantly saying vaginal birth though 😂 I love that having difficult birth didn’t put you off having more though – people think I’m crazy for talking about my next baby after my horrific birth!

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    1. I hate the term ‘natural’ too to be honest.Either way they need to come out and as long as they are healthy shouldn’t really matter how should it!Everyone has different experiences don’t they,a friend of mine pops them out easy as you like 😀 x

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  5. I haven’t had any negative comments about mine, which is just as well as I would probably burst into tears. I know it’s silly as the main thing is a healthy baby, but I feel as though I missed out on a rite of passage which would have helped me bond with my son, and the chances of having another are slim. Oh well! #KCACOLS

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  6. I have not experienced a c-section but have never considered it an easy option! My goodness, they slice through all your abdominal muscles and uterus! Not sounding fun, at all. I hate that women are made to feel less than by other women for any birth, breastfeeding/bottle feeding, cosleeping/no cosleeping option they choose. It makes my heart sink to the floor. Let’s support one another as women and mothers who are doing the best that we can!

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  7. There is no easy option and that’s all there is to it. It sounds like you’ve experienced the toughest and most strenuous of all options though. Well done you! #KCACOLS

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  8. Ah, I just can’t understand this idea that surgery is an easy option! I’m terrified of the very idea of a c-section. There doesn’t seem to be the same stigma in NZ regarding c-sections (at least I’ve never heard of anyone sneering about them), I think it’s because most women have their babies through the public health system where c-sections are only done for medical reasons. Thanks for sharing your story, I love that you can look back on these tough experiences with a bit of humor 🙂

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  9. I don’t think surgery will ever be the easy option! I had a vaginal birth but I had abdominal surgery as a baby and 21 years later the scar still gives me so much trouble. I’d never see surgery as the easy option, I’m in awe of women who go through c-sections xx #KCACOLS

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  10. Yours don’t sound like much fun at all. I was also sick during labours, but was otherwise lucky – mine were pretty straightforward births. My view on c sections is that I don’t think they’re an easy option at all – quite the opposite – but I do think there is a worrying sector of women who think they are. I think that is something that could do with addressing – the idea that having a section (or an induction) is a simple way of being able to do it on your schedule with minimal difficulty. There are people who very naively believe that, and go to extraordinary lengths to try to achieve one of those outcomes, often to their detriment if they succeed. I think that no labour is fun or easy, but by far the simplest and least frightening method is the entirely unassisted birth. So I don’t think anyone who has had a section should be viewed as not having done it ‘properly’ or having an easy option. & in fact I think people need to be more aware of the fact that c sections are NOT an easy option, they’re major surgery. It’s amazing that they exist when needed, but to think they’re a way of breezing through birth is just so silly. They usually indicate that someone had either a complicated pregnancy or a difficult birth, so no one should be telling anyone who had one it was a cop out. #KCACOLS

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  11. Wow you certainly had 3 interesting labours. I had 2 c-sections. The first one was an emergency one as after 24 hrs of being labour Bella didn’t want to come out and she was in distressed so I ended up having one. I think the emergency ones are tough because you are knackered after trying to give birth naturally and then you have to deal with the recovery so it really is hard. With my second pregnancy I got the option to decide what I wanted and I opted to have a programmed c-section. I really don’t care what people think. After my traumatic experience with Bella I didn’t want to have the same again so I thought it will be better to do the c-section anyway. So I did that and I knew exactly when I was having the operation so I organised myself for that day. It was better as I was able to have someone taking care of Bella. Everything went smoothly and there were no complications. The surgery lasted 45 minutes but Sienna was out after 15 minutes. Because I didn’t have a difficult labour I was rested and ready to take care of my baby and I was okay to deal with the recovery. I was sent home after 24 hrs. So my opinion: For a second birth after having a traumatic first birth and ended up having an emergency c-section, having a programmed c-section for the second baby was the best decision I’ve ever made. Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! 🙂 x

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  12. It really isn’t the easy option! I had an emergency c-section with my first after 26 hours of labour. He was so far down the birth canal it was a dificult section to get him out AND he ended up weighing a whopping 9lbs!!

    Having had major abdominal surgery and then having a newborn baby to look after is tough!! Everything hurts and you can’t drive.. you are stuck at home with a newborn without a clue what to do whilst you are still meant to be recovering yourself.

    I was lucky enough to have a VBAC the second time round and have to say the emergency c-section was traumatic for me and not something I would want to experience again if I could help it! #PickNMix #KCACOLS

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  13. I’ve not had a c section though I’d never consider surgery an easy option ha! As for stitches *shudders* yep I can still remember them all to well arghh flashbacks

    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix lovely
    Stevie xx

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  14. I’ve had 5 c-sections. I tried vaginally with my first two but they never dropped far enough for me to push them out despite trying. Even with the help of forceps, they wouldn’t budge. So all my births have been sections. 3 of my births have been emergency sections and 2 have been planned.
    The recovery has been slightly longer the more I have had. The surgeons have always been fantastic. Afterwards my blood pressure has dropped a lot leaving me nauseaus and dizzy, I bled all over a hospital corridor on my first walk after one birth resulting in anemia. I don’t think my births were an easy route, but the safest route for my babies who without those ops, may not have made it.

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  15. I had an emergency c section. I felt like my body wasn’t my own for months afterwards but don’t know how this compares to ‘normal’ deliveries as I only have one child. 3 miscarriages before, 1 after.

    Parents are often convinced their way is the only way and I’ve had the Vageratzi telling me I didn’t give birth properly. Feck that. I have a 16 year old that proves I did. And frankly, if people are so sad that they feel the need to cut other people down by devaluing their choices and lives, why give them headspace? Good things can be delivered in lots of different ways…whether by Santa or Amazon makes no odds to me.

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