Fruit Bowl Fruit Peelers Review

I’m lucky with my younger children as they love their fruit but I have friends whose children won’t even entertain the idea of trying it and my teenager doesn’t eat anywhere near enough.

We were lucky to be offered the chance to try Fruit Peelers from Fruit Bowl which are made from 100% fruit and nothing nasty added in. The fact that they are made in peelable strips just makes them fun as well as tasty and a great way to get the kids to try them. They also count as 1 of your 5 a day whilst only being 68 calories a pack so what’s not to like?


I tried them out with all 3 of my children – aged 17,6 and 3.There were no complaints from any of them – win!The teen just ate it no messing about (boring :-D) but the other two actually peeled the strips apart to eat it.

The kids loved them as a snack after school which didn’t spoil their appetite for tea and they were great for putting in my son’s lunchbox for school. They come in 3 flavours – strawberry,raspberry and blackcurrant. I tried them myself – well who wouldn’t?! They are very fruity and sweet. My favourite was the blackcurrant and actually so was all the kids!

They are definitely something I would buy again as they are perfect for the snack cupboard.

*We were sent the product for free for the purpose of this review however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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