Heelys X2 Cruz Review

We have been testing out some rather fantastic Heelys X2 Cruz . My son picked out the ones he fancied from the  Skates.co.uk site and they were delivered quick sharp. The ones he picked were really colourful and ‘skater dude’ the photos don’t do them justice, they are gorgeous.As you can see they have a fab tiger stripe effect and shiny purple parts at the front.  I’d be quite happy to have them as ordinary trainers – which you can actually do with the wheels out if you want.


They are really easy to put together, the wheels come separate in the box so you remove the plugs and pop the wheels in. There is a tool provided to help with this. These Heely’s have 2 wheels in each shoe which I thought would be better for balance for a first time user. One thing I will say is you need to go up a size in this model, my son is a size 10 and we ordered an 11 which fit great and he says they’re really comfy.They’re also pull on/velcro so they’re easy to get on and off.

Now, the kids I’ve seen with them make it look so easy. To start with it’s really not. Think newborn giraffe on ice. The walking bit is fine but when my son tried to heel he was all over the place. There are instructions in the box so we had a proper read and told him how to do it. We started him off by holding his arms and letting him try it by rocking back on the heel of one foot and using the toe of his other foot to take a step and push forward.

He did struggle to get his balance though as he kept putting both feet back on the wheels and ending up in all sorts of messes πŸ™‚ but to me that’s half the fun. I remember spending a lot of time on my backside when learning to roller skate!

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We really like these Heelys and will be persevering with them as my son isn’t totally confident with using them by himself yet but he’ll get there with a bit of practice. If his sister doesn’t try to pinch them first ;-).

Julie x (2)

*I was sent the product free for the purpose of this review, however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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