My Own Fairy Door Review

My daughter loves anything fairy/princess/make believe so when we were offered the chance to try out a My Own Fairy door I couldn’t wait to try it out with her.It comes in a lovely box. Inside the box was the door itself which was a pink sparkly design with a little dragonfly,a cute little magic key,pot of fairy dust (glitter) and fairy club membership.



The door can be placed wherever you like,we chose to put it in the kids bedroom on the skirting board,you could also put it in the garden or a stair. I stuck the door on with glue dots and gave my daughter the stickers that came separately to make the door more inviting for the fairy.



She went a bit mad and used them all but hey,it’s her fairy!We then used the stepping stones to make a path before popping the magic key and glitter on them.Just before bed we added a little of the fairy dust to on top of the key for a little bit of extra magic and had a chat about the fairy and what she would be called. It was decided she would be called Lily!





In the morning lo and behold the key had gone and a fairy had moved in and signed her fairy naming certificate in the tiniest writing possible 😉 and left a trail of glitter behind

We had a chat about how the fairy would help stop bad dreams – “oh thank god” pipes up my 6 year old and we’ve decided she’s probably a tooth fairy too.

The website also has lots of activities,ideas and printables to carry on the magic along with lots of different coloured doors to choose from. The fairy doors are priced £19.99 the stickers £7.99 and the stepping stones £3.50.

We really had great fun with this door and I think it would make a fantastic present for a child, my little boy has hinted he’d like one too. It’s so lovely to see them chat about their fairy and what she may be getting up to.

Julie x (2)

*I was sent the product free for the purpose of this review, however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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