Ten random things in my handbag

If you’re anything like me then your handbag will be full of crap. Here are ten random things in my handbag!

1. Breakfast biscuits, pretty normal you may think. Sadly they have been squished to some kind of cardboard coloured dust. They are emergency ones though so they have to stay because you just never know when you need emergency dust.

2. A purple squishy sticky hand. Bought in one of those capsule machines conveniently placed at the local soft play centre, the gits. It’s now covered in bits of fluff and other crap from the bottom of my bag. Can’t throw it because you know the second you do the child owner will want it and scream like they’ve lost a limb when they can’t find it.

3. A pair of My Little Pony socks, probably the only time you’ll find an actual real life PAIR of socks in this house. In my bag because my daughter ALWAYS removes her socks when she enters a house. Surprised she doesn’t take them off when she goes into school and lob them at the teacher.

4. Three purple Skittles. No idea how or why they’re there, haven’t bought skittles for a long time! My favourites are the green but I wouldn’t leave the purples out- poor mites but even I can’t bring myself to eat them :-D.

5. Four tubes of lipbalm. Lipbalm that I never, ever remember to put on. I once bought a little tub of Carmex at Boots and when I got home opened it to find someone else’s fingerprint in it. WHO DOES THAT?! Like the young girls who do their make-up with the testers, how many other manky fingers have been in there? Bleurgh.

6. 500 bobbles in various colours of the rainbow. Can I find one when I want one though? Course not. I tend to put one round my wrist too but then when I take it off to use it at work it leaves those dodgy marks around your wrist that raise an eyebrow 😮

7. A key – I don’t know which lock it fits but I daren’t get rid in case it’s for something really important like a bank vault or Cadbury’s factory. Be gutted if I couldn’t get in wouldn’t I? 😉

8. A packet of hand wipes that have dried out because the sticky plastic bit has come off. Think I will actually chuck these out. Althoooough they could be good as emergency toilet paper right? Those days when you have to force yourself to take the kids into scary Saw movie type public toilets that smell like well, poo, vaguely masked with some vile lavender scented muck. The stuff they have masquerading as loo roll could have themselves up on a trading standards charge. Comfy and quilted it aint.

9. A Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle on a string from a Kinder Egg, a lego man without a head and Olaf with his nose chewed off. Poor sod.

10. A screwed up leaflet for a beauty salon I’ll never have the time or money to visit. I’m just going to have to bump along with my frizzy hair and manky face 😀

 Do you have lots of rubbish items in your bag?

 Julie x (2)

3 thoughts on “Ten random things in my handbag

  1. Those capsule machines are complete sods, all children are addicted to them and they sneak them in inside the most annoying places. Even at 10 and almost 12 my two can’t resist them or kinder egg plastic rubbish! 😉 Thanks for linking up to #TenThings lovely, always love reading your posts 🙂

    Stevie xx

    Liked by 1 person

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