Blokpod Review

Over the last few years we seem to have ended up with lots of Lego sets that have all been shoved into one big box, meaning that finding all the smaller pieces are like looking for a needle in a haystack.We were offered a Blokpod to review which I thought looked like a great storage solution for our Lego.




What is Blokpod? Blokpod is an adaptive revolutionary cylinder shaped speed sorting device. Using a PATENT PENDING adaptive motion design a simple twist unlocks the Blokpod’s top. Once open you pour in your different sized bricks, twist the container to lock and shake back and forth. The shaking motion separates the blocks by size.


The Blockpod came in a cardboard box with bubblewrap to keep it safe and with a set of instructions.The Blokpod itself is made of sturdy plastic in layers which have different sized coloured filters for the bricks to be sorted through. The lid is a twist design so goes on and off easily for sorting. The idea is to put your bricks in handfuls at a time and give it a shake to get the smaller ones to fall through which means each layer has similar sized bricks in it.Great if you struggle finding the smaller ones or body parts for the figures like we do.


We liked that the Blokpod is see-through so you could see all the action as it was happening.Once it started to get a bit fuller I also gave the Lego a stir by hand to make sure all the smaller pieces were falling through. It’s actually great fun to watch the pieces dropping down – for my kids this was part of the actual playtime rather than being a ‘tidying away’ chore. It’s ideal that you can then twist each layer apart to separate them and play with the pieces you want.

The Blokpod is also ideal for storing other toys, I did think it may be good for Shopkins as my daughter likes to separate them by type or lots of other things such as craft supplies.

You can purchase the Blokpod from Amazon here and if you sign up to the Blokpod website you can get a 20% discount. There is a fantastic 15 year warranty and a money back guarantee.Don’t get that with much these days!

Julie x (2)

*I was sent the product free for the purpose of this review, however all opinions remain honest and my own*

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