Things You Can Do When You’re 3


Being 3 is great. So carefree and everything is fun. Here are the some of the awesome things you can do when you’re 3.

∗ You can run around in your pants and say  ‘no’ in your best ear drum bursting screech to anyone wanting to get you dressed. If you really want to get something out of them do it when they’ve got visitors. They’ll offer you no end of stuff just to put your trousers on.

∗ You can pee in a Lego sorting head. Mummy will bang her head on a wall but she’ll forget about it eventually. Usually when you do it on the carpet instead.

∗ You can climb on cupboards to find the best biscuits. Who cares if those big people are shouting about you breaking your neck and stuff. Always have to go overboard.

∗ You can demand loads of cereal for breakfast, dump a tonne of milk of the top then totally refuse to eat it ‘cos it’s yucky.

∗ You can wear the spotty top with clashing spotty trousers. Let’s be fair they’ll just be glad you’ve got dressed. They’ve spent an hour shouting at you to ‘put some flaming clothes on’ they’ll be well grateful.

∗ You can ride your scooter to school. By ride I mean stand on it and let Mummy drag you along. Or go so fast downhill Mummy goes a funny white colour and shouts really loud so all the other parents look at her. Silly woman.

∗ You can go to nursery. You don’t want to go to nursery. You do. You don’t. You do. You don’t. You get my drift. Good to keep your options open.

∗ You can eat food with your toes. You haven’t tried it? It’s fun. You don’t half get told off though especially if you’re at Nana’s she well strict.

∗ You can tip out a box of Shopkins and just walk off. There’s a fairy who comes along and picks them all up when you’re not looking. Best thing to do then is tip them back out.If you go downstairs and listen really hard you’ll hear the fairy stomping and shouting. Thought they were meant to be small and light. Think mines had too many Haribo.

∗ You can tell Mummy and Daddy you don’t want a bath and then they’ll put loads of bubbles and toys in. Then you have to stay in til the water is freezing and they beg you to come out. This is really good for getting extra bedtime stories. Bargain with them, I got 3 last time. Only they didn’t think I’d go for the REALLY thick books 😉

What do all you other 3 year olds get up to?

Julie x (2)

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8 thoughts on “Things You Can Do When You’re 3

  1. Oh I love this absolutely hilarious, the fairy in this house likes harbo too 😉 our fairy swears a lot and ends up giving in and doing it all herself 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

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  2. Not only the shopkins – lets dump out every drawer of toys we own and then leave them all on the floor and cry because we can’t find ‘the ONE’ favourite toy you’ve never heard of! My two are six and four now – it’s not dissimilar! Love this post, really made me laugh!
    Another 3 year old favourite not to forget is the wait till a really quiet moment to announce something really embarrassing at the top of your lungs such as you need a poo…NOW!!! 😜😂xxx

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