Club Hub UK

Club Hub UK is a brand spanking new free app for people to locate children’s clubs and activities around the U.K. People are able to input their location, child’s age and interest to view results related to them. It was released Summer 2016.

Tessa (the founder) thought of the idea for what has now become ‘Club Hub UK’ after finding it hard to advertise her ownmusical theatre childrens club ‘Tessa’s Jazz Hands’. What better way to find out where the best kids clubs are than to search for them right in the palm of your hand? I myself wouldn’t really know where any clubs are other than one’s I’ve heard people talk about so this will be a useful tool for anyone who’s little darling had expressed an interest in joining a club.

If you’d like to find out more,click away below 🙂








*I haven’t been paid to promote this app I think it’s a great idea and I’m giving a bit of support to a new venture*

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