Get Martyn Dating

So if you follow Martyn who blogs at Inside Martyn’s Thoughts on Twitter you may have noticed a flutter of tweets around about him dipping his toe in the dating game again. We all had a giggle and I came up with these:

I’d genuinely love to see Martyn find himself a lovely lady companion so lets #GetMartynDating . All jokes aside this is for you Martyn 🙂 Shakespeare I am not but you’ll get the drift!


I’m sorry if you took offence,
It’s just I’m kind of silly.

I’d really love to help you find a girl,
Who’s after more than just your…money.

We’re on the hunt for Ms Right  who’ll never let you down.
There’s lots of us who’d kick her butt if she ever made you frown.

Our Martyn is a home schooling Dad who really knows his stuff,
We can’t have him going out with someone who’s head is full of fluff.

A few health issues don’t stop him being a man who can,
Especially when he’s wearing his Onesie,that makes him Superman!

So if you’re on the hunt for a quiz night down the pub,
Look no further than Mr K he’ll take you,then wow you with his grub!

If you’re into comics then Martyn’s your dark knight!
Just give him a chance you never know he could be Mr Right!

Julie x (2)


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